MARCH 6, 2009 10:25 PM

The flipside to staying up all night driving to Chicago to catch a 400am train to a 530am flight to rural Florida (by way of ATL) is that I have spent the bulk of day one of my two day vacation soundly asleep.

It's only like 10:30pm and everyone else at my grandparent's house is turning in for the night. I, however find myself wide awake and flipping back and forth between multiple reruns of Law and Order:SVU. This does not bode well for day 2.

I feel like an awful guest, but really hope that I will get the chance to steal away to Gainesville tomorrow night. I have been dying to check out the Wayward Council, a 10-year old DIY all-ages punk venue with a record and book shop, ever since Paul told me about it one of his too-rare trips back to Grand Rapids. Fingers crossed, dudes.

Also, maybe manatees?


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JUNE 21, 2007 4:53 PM

Oh, PS, my flickr photostream is getting updated a little bit more quickly than this blog:


Love, Geo.

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JUNE 21, 2007 3:17 PM

I'm actually having a hard time staying on top of all of this. It's not for the shortage of wifi, because it is pretty much everywhere in the pacific northwest. i mean everywhere*. it's not for lack of technology, but for time. it seems like we are constantly on the go go go - seeing things, going places, eating pizzas. i think this is possibly the busiest vacation i have ever had. everyone is restless and everyone has someplace to go. which is good i guess, but caused us to leave Portland pretty prematurely. Seattle is great and all, but i think i could have spent another day kickin' around PDX. i feel like there is so much i missed.

"When a person is very dangerous, they are known as Frank Scotto"

However, there are a few things i gathered in my brief time in Portland. For one, it's a pretty amazing place for finding things. Portland is an overall very clean city, most of the trash has been slept away leaving only little treasures and scraps of interest. it seemed like i was finding neat stuff all day everyday (and promptly losing them because i am very disorganized). My favorite so far was a tryyyyyyyped out love letter from di to jim that i found on N. Mississippi by the porn house. i lost the letter, but the best line is seared into my heart and mind:

if i had synesthesia your name would be lavender and you would taste of cashew butter.

That is some deeper next level hippie romance. i love particularly how unappealing either of those things are. lavender is nice, but cashew butter?

Portland is also a good place for zinesters, apparently. Peter picked up the Zinester's Guide to Portland at Powell's, and it was basically how he, Matt and I got around for the rest of our time in town. I also got a bunch a of zines. here is a brief list:

Dishwasher #16 (by Diswasher Pete!)
2 "you" letters"
Modern Cartoonist by Daniel Clowes
the Dvorak zine!! (i had long thought about making the switch, now i might)
Noise Art - (by this guy Dustin i knew in Michigan)
Peter and i split the cost on the new Yeti, it will be at NEST soon.

Portland is also a great place for brunch. and croissants in general. also zoobombers.

and donuts:

and t-shirts and software:

and doobies:

ohhh, i have to go again. i want to quick say thank you to everyone that was so nice to us in Portland: Mike, Josh, Willow, Jordan, Tony, Alysha, Julie, Johanna and Caleb. Portland was nice, but i think it would have truly sucked if these people wouldn't have been so great about opening their homes showing us around town. thank you so much!

also, gypsy jazz.

love, geo.

next: Camping in Tacoma, Seattle

* i am really inspired by the personal telco project

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JUNE 19, 2007 3:33 PM

the landing

clapton is god.

We are knee-deep in Portland, folks. Have been for a couple days now. As expected it's a really nice town with lot's of really great, hospitable, wonderful people. Some with magnificent fancy spoon collections:

We have been breaking off into little groups, and right now Peter and I are catching up on things in the Stumptown Coffee Roasters at 3rd and Pine right now. We just got a call from the rest of the guys, who are kickin' it at a friend's house in Beaverton. They want start heading north pretty much right now. I kind of don't want to leave, but I guess it's appropriate that a coffee shop would be one of the last places i see in this town. So far I have been to the following coffee shops:

Fresh Pot on Mississippi
Half & Half
A place by Mike's house that had really great croisants. Ken's?
Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The coffee here is amazing. Particularly this courier stuff.

Show report:
dudes played at this rad place called the Artistery with Calvin Johnson and Julie Doiron. It was family style, in a round robin, where each of our three bands played two songs each while julie doiron and Calvin played amazing full sets each. It was so weird and awesome. the Aristery has a great church basement vibe and they had free falafel and hummous snacks.

Pete and I have to quick run to the Independant Publishing Center to talk to a guy. I will finish this up later.

I don't want to leave already!

love, geo

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JUNE 16, 2007 8:37 PM

With the help of others I've become an expert packer, i think. Still not much of a traveler, but an expert packer. For the last week or so I've been seeking all sorts of packing advice from all sorts of friends who have experienced the touring advice about exactly what to bring and how much of it? the universal answer? not much. "you're on tour-you're expected to smell!"

I'm going to the west coast tomorrow for almost the first time. the first time as an "adult," at least. In a few minutes my friends Micah and Andrea from Breathe Owl Breathe will show up on my doorstep ready to go. They played a great outdoor set this afternoon at Riverside Park for the second annual Water Festival, celebrating Michigan's most precious resource. They just called to tell me they were packing up their stuff right now and are about to head over. soon after they arrive my mother will too. She is giving us a ride down to Chicago so we can catch a 6am flight to Portland, Or. Even as an adult, i still need my mom to pick me up and drop me off. it's kind of nice, actually.

There will be six of us in a van traveling up and down America's west coast and it has been mad very clear that the less stuff I bring the more comfortable i will be, so i took care to travel light. one suitcase:

but, in that suitcase? another suitcase! (between souvenirs, records, and books i suspect i will be bringing a lot of stuff back with me) and in that suitcase? all my shit!

1 fleece sleeping bag
1 pair of pants, green
1 collared shirt
1 cardigan, blue
1 pair of tiny shorts
1 half towel
4 t-shirts
8 pairs of undies
3 pairs of socks, black
2 pairs of ankle socks, white
my liquids:

This is my first time flying with the new laws that pertain to liquids on a plane. it's crazy. Nineteen days... I am a little worried I over-packed.

they are going to be here any second, so i had better wrap this up. I am going to try to document and post as much of this trip as I have the energy for. That, hopefully, will include some of the music! The Sunday before last Peter played a show in Chicago at InCUBATE. You can listen to it by clicking your little cartoon hand right here.

Oh, I have to go, but look forward to more songs and stories from the road, some video of Breathe Owl Breathe at Water Festival, and a brief description of one of the loveliest travel care packages I have ever received.

I miss you already!

love, geo.

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APRIL 19, 2007 8:29 PM

Sorry for the delay of this post. I don't have much time to write to wrap things up right now, plus I don't have the Super8 movie developed yet. but in a few weeks, hopefully that will be up as well.

so without further adieu, here's the final update from the car on the way back:

-Bradley Robertson

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