NOVEMBER 14, 2006 9:06 PM

Introducing Tom Regan...
First moved to consider the issue of animal compassion in the Vietnam era by reading Gandhi's The Story of My Experiments With Truth, Tom Regan has been a pioneer of the animal rights movement ever since. A distinguished Philosophy Professor at North Carolina State University, Regan has argued that non-human animals, as psychological centers of consciousness, are "subjects-of-a-life"--unique, irreplaceable individuals who value their own lives even if no one else does.

Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights
His most recent book, Empty Cages: Facing the Challenge of Animal Rights, presents general audiences with an accessible and persuasvie defense of animal rights, followed by an account of the suffering that non-human animals are made to endure in the food, clothing, entertainment, and research industries. Those who wish to get a sense of the drift of Regan's arguments in a succinct, easily digestible format may consult Ten Reasons for Animal Rights or the companion site for Empty Cages. Those desiring a more robust philosophical defense of Regan's Kant-inspired argument that the rights of animals are grounded in their status as "subjects-of-a-life" should check out The Case For Animal Rights. Professional philosophical and popular audiences alike will find much of interest at The Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive.