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DECEMBER 7, 2006 10:28 PM

1/2 Cup Organic Soybeans = 1 Quart Fresh Soymilk

Soy, rice, and nut milks are staple items in most vegan households. But keeping the pantry adequately stocked can get expensive. Moreover, some of the most readily available brands are now owned by industrial agricultural giants who aren't doing human beings, animals, or the environment any favors. Enter Soyabella. Just soak 1/2 cup of organic soybeans until they double in size, pop 'em into the machine, and wait fifteen minutes for the gurglin' and steamin' to stop. You can do rice milk in short order as well, and raw nut milks take just 30-45 seconds! The results are really impressive. We can honestly say that it's the best soy milk we've tasted (even better when you add a drop or two of vanilla and some maple syrup to the mix). The initial capital investment is substantial (between $90-120, depending on sales, etc.), but we split the cost with splinters and noodles and now we're all up to our eyeballs in very cheap soy milk (we get around three quarts per $1.00, depending on the price of organic soybeans).