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DECEMBER 4, 2006 5:15 PM

I spent this past saturday in Iowa City, Iowa with Juan, and after a grueling winter drive, dinner at The Red Avocado was much appreciated. This place is amazing, definitely worth a six hour drive, and even worth the fifteen hours it took us to get there. Of course, it was not the only reason for the trip, but perhaps the most enjoyable. I ate the jupiter’s gnocchi-
home-made sweet potato gnocchi tossed in a rich and creamy vegetable-tomato sauce: seasonal diced vegetables are simmered in a slightly spicy tomato-coconut milk broth until the sauce is dense and very thick, roasted red peppers and tofu cheese topped with toasted walnuts and sunflower seeds finish this rich and sumptuous dish.

Juan had vegetable tofu peanut satay, and we shared some chocolate cake for dessert.

The food, atmosphere, and ethos of the restaurant are all impeccable!
Check out the website for the vision statement, menus, some great links, and more.