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JANUARY 25, 2007 4:12 PM

Hotter than the flanges on my chrome dual-exhaust kit!
Growing up in the eighties meant loving stuff that was "custom"--custom T-shirts with nicknames on the back, custom conversion vans with airbrushed mountainscapes, custom trapper keepers with the PVC flap specially designed for the custom photographs, etc. If you wanted to live the swank life back then, it was all about being able to throw down the custom card when the kids started talkin'. That's why I'm on fire for this totally custom Coconut Cake that showed up at the cookoff rockin' the extraVEGANza 'tude like a Yosemite Sam mudflap on a jacked-up El Camino. If you were lucky enough to chase your chili with a forkfull of this pistol, then you know exactly what I mean. SIZZLIN'!