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JANUARY 19, 2007 12:59 AM

Checkbooks At The Ready! Let's Start the Bidding...
Well, not until Saturday night. But with the Wake Up Weekend Art Auction just one day away, we thought you might enjoy perusing a few sample images and a (semi) complete list of our esteemed contributors. (Please note that we have posted these images merely to give you a sense of the style of some of our artists' work; the images posted are NOT in all cases the specific works donated to the auction.)




So who else is in the game? CHECK THIS OUT:
Brandon Behning, Kevin Buist, Jeremy Chen, Juan Garcia, Erika Jane, Michelle Kleinhenz, Tim Maddux, Gail Philbin, and Emily Schreur. You'll also find a wide spectrum of stunning screen prints made by Calvin artists under the direction of Adam Wolpa: Joe Arens, Sarah Bakker, Peter Brant, Miranda Brower, Stephanie Dekorte, Eugene Dening, Taylor Greenfield, Pam Johnson, Lyndi Katje, Heather Luimes, Ruth Ribeiro, and Brad Smith.

Proceeds will benefit three incredible organizations working hard to improve the lives of farmed animals: FARM SANCTUARY, MERCY FOR ANIMALS, and COMPASSIONATE CONSUMERS. Check out their websites, REV UP THAT GENEROSITY, and come prepared to purchase GREAT ART for a GREAT CAUSE!