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MAY 29, 2007 12:51 PM

OR "Weak Planck Splinters Under Weight of Scientific Evidence"
From the American Dietetic Association to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, virtually everyone who is up to date on the latest research in nutritional and dietary science agrees that a well-planned vegan diet is safe for all stages of the human life cycle (including pregnancy, infancy, childhood and adolescence).

It is curious, in light of this, that the New York Times recently saw fit to publish an op-ed piece entitled "Death By Veganism" in which food writer Nina Planck asserts, among other falsehoods, that vegan pregnancies are "irresponsible" and that vegan diets are nutritionally inadequate "in the long run".

Predictably, the bloggosphere was instantly ablaze with incendiary trash-talking from both sides of the fence. Happily, not everyone gave into the temptation to reply to Ms. Planck in kind, as is evidenced here in Dr. John McDougall's level-headed and thoroughly compelling response to the many myths, exaggerations, and outright falsehoods proffered in "Death By Veganism".