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JULY 31, 2007 10:24 AM

James LaVeck and Jenny Stein speak to the politics of recent welfare "victories".
As the director/producer team behind Tribe of Heart, James LaVeck and Jenny Stein have brought us some of the most effective documentary films in the animal rights movement, including Peaceable Kingdom and The Witness.

In this recent essay titled Project for the New American Carnivore, LaVeck and Stein tackle the incendiary question of what effects welfarist compromises with "more humane" producers of animal products are having on the animal rights message. Drawing on analogies between the "Neo-Con" tactics of the Bush Administration and the allegedly "Neo-Carn" agenda of major Animal Welfare organizations, LaVeck and Stein argue that the animal rights movement must return to its vegan roots and stop making compromises with companies that use and slaughter animals, however "humanely" they claim to do so.

This essay is a "must read" for those who wish to stay on the cutting edge of the central debates in the animal rights movement.