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JULY 30, 2007 7:47 PM

A note from Professor Tom Regan:

"To the best of my recollection, the speech I gave, as presented on YouTube, was given in 1989, in London, under the auspices of the Royal Institution of Great Britain. It was part of a debate over the question, "Does the animal kingdom need a bill of rights?" I spoke in favor of the proposal, as did Andrew Linzey and Richard Ryder.Germaine Greer and Mary Warnock spoke against against it.

For its time, the event was a big deal. As I recall, the BBC televised it throughout the UK on one of the national channels. The room (it was a formal setting, in a regal hall) was packed, those in the audience as respectful as they were attentive.

I do not think there was any formal, or informal, vote on the question. So who won the debate is not something anyone can know. I do know, though, that it was a memorable event in my life. For me, perso9nally, I had never before (and have not since) had the opportunity to address so many people, at one time, and in so many different places, on the philosophy of animal rights. I will never forget it.

As to how it came to be posted on YouTube: I haven't the foggiest idea."