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NOVEMBER 22, 2007 10:44 PM

Tofurkey (Faux-turkey?) Day at The Chicago Diner
For those who wish to enjoy the pomp and circumstance of a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings without going to the hassle of cooking for 7 hours, The Chicago Diner has come up with the perfect solution: a carry-out vegan feast complete with a salad of organic field greens, roasted squash soup with maple pepitas, roasted veggie turkey (oven baked tofu with chestnut filling and veggie gravy), beefy wellington (pastry crust with seitan, mushroom pate, and tofu filling with peppercorn sauce), pumpkin ravioli with creamy hazelnut sauce, cranberry relish, 7-grain stuffing, green beans almondine, wild rice pilaf, maple mashed sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie!

No Turkey. No Hassle.
The only work involved in this unforgettable feast was setting the table, shoveling the food onto the plates, and recycling the cute little lunchboxes. Another great Thanksgiving in the Windy City!