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AUGUST 2, 2008 1:39 PM

Nursery 1
Noodles paints a mural for Vegucator Jr.
Our baby boy is scheduled to wrap up his lengthy intrauterine adventure by the end of the month, so we enlisted the multi-talented Noodles to help us make his nursery a more inspiring place to be. One of our many hopes for our son is that he will choose someday to see his own well-being here on the green planet as intimately connected to the flourishing of non-human animals and the earth as well. Until then, we'll do what we can to make a place for him in which the beauty, mystery, and wonder of the world around is as accessible as possible to his impressionable imagination.
Nursery 2
A stag stands sentry over the crib.
Nursery 5
Feathered friends in flight.
Nursery 3
An owl perched above the bookshelves.
Nursery 6
A fox guards the door.
Nursery 4
Gus and Charlie at the ready for mischief.
Thanks for all your hard work, Noodles! We LOVE the results, and we suspect that E.W. will too!