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MAY 14, 2009 2:51 PM

Belgian City Goes Meatless One Day A Week
Finally, some evidence that there are at least a few public servants in the world who refuse to let denial or bondage to corporate interests cloud their judgment about the looming dangers of meat culture: "On the eve of what is being touted as an unprecedented exercise, the biggest queue in the Flemish university town of 200,000 yesterday was for signatures - to collect a bag of wholefood goodies and sign up for "Donderdag - Veggie Dag", turning the burghers of Ghent into pioneers in the fight against obesity, global warming, cruelty to animals and against the myth that meat-free eating amounts to a diet of soggy lettuce, a slice of tomato, and a foul-tasting bean burger." Three cheers for Belgium! America, you're on notice!