SEPTEMBER 27, 2009 7:17 PM

...And Support Fantastic Vegan Artist Sophie Canadé
Everyone loves cute, cuddly sock monkeys, especially when they are sewn with love from used (albeit laundered) socks in an effort to ken the origins of the universe and our place within it. Okay, so Sophie Canadé's sock monkeys are not exactly run-of-the-mill. They're fashioned into gordian knots, mobius strips, DNA double helixes, and of course dark energy. And now, for your viewing pleasure and edification, they are hanging above the lush environs of HopCat in a ten-foot sock tree sculpture fashioned with care to approximate their natural habitat. Curious? Check out Sophie's artist profile, browse her portfolio, get on down to HopCat, and then VOTE 36551 for Sock Monachus Nemus! In the meanwhile, check out this video to heighten the anticipation! And don't forget to vote before Wednesday, September 30!

Vote Sock Monachus Nemus for ArtPrize 36551

SEPTEMBER 7, 2009 7:07 PM

Farm Sanctuary's Gene Baur Will Be There! How About YOU?
Friend of extraVEGANza! Annie Smolinski has done us a great service and organized the first ever Farm Sanctuary Walk for Farm Animals right here in Grand Rapids! As if the opportunity to raise funds for this important cause weren't motivation enough, Annie has gone the distance to secure both an in-person appearance from Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur (who will walk with us on the 1.5 mile tour of East Hills and Eastown) AND an optional all-you-can-eat vegan buffet at Brick Road Pizza after the event! You've seen Gene in Peaceable Kingdom, read about him in The New York Times, and watched him on Larry King Live--now it's time to join him on a late summer stroll through a couple of your favorite neighborhoods in our fair city, gorge on some vegan pizza, and show Gene that we Grand Rapidians are prepared to walk what we talk about animal compassion!

Mark Your Calendars and Register Now!
DATE: Sunday, September 20, 2009
TIME: Registration 12:30 pm, WALK at 1:00 pm
PLACE: Brick Road Pizza Parking Lot (Behind 1017 Wealthy SE)
HOW TO REGISTER OR DONATE: Go to Farm Sanctuary's Firstgiving Webpage and click on "register for an event" or "donate to a friend's page". Grand Rapids' registration site is on page three, and your $15.00 registration fee includes a t-shirt if you register before September 13!
AFTER THE WALK: Meet and greet Gene, who will talk to us about Farm Sanctuary's efforts on behalf of animals, and stay for an optional vegan buffet at which we'll school him in the art of eating vegan wings!
QUESTIONS: Contact Annie at

We've worked hard to earn our place in the animal advocacy big leagues! Now it's time to put on our game faces and git 'er done! See you on September 20!

SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 10:55 AM

200 Million a Year Suffer This Merciless Fate.
Mercy for Animals just released this harrowing footage of standard egg industry practices for dealing with unwanted male chicks at Hy-Line North America's hatchery in Spencer, Iowa. You can read about Hy-Line corporate headquarters' response in this article from yesterday's Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, but allow me to share the most chilling sentence: "Instantaneous euthanasia by maceration is specifically supported by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Federation of Animal Science Societies, Agriculture Canada, World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), and European Union (EU)." As long as our culture continues to suborn the treatment of animals as property, the people in the white coats will continue to assure us that there's nothing morally wrong with grinding up millions of unwanted male chicks alive. Please share this information with family and friends and encourage them to be the change they want to see in the world by boycotting eggs!

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