JANUARY 29, 2011 11:02 PM

Crispy Fried Potatoes
Rosemary fennel seitan sausage
Sauteed Shrooms
Green Olives
Pesto Cubes
Bananas and Brown Sugar

JANUARY 29, 2011 9:28 PM

Vegan Sausage and Peppers
Rosemary and Fennel Sausage with Bell Peppers and Puttanesca
It's Vegan Pizza Day, so needless to say the extraVEGANza! crew was busy. Since vegan pizza speaks for its damnself, I'm just going to step aside and flaunt the grip. Many thanks to Splinters and Noodles for cooking up and sharing these incredible pies!
Pesto Potato
Pesto Potato with Kale and Daiya Mozarella
Bananas Foster
Bananas Foster with Chocolate Ganache and Walnuts
Vegan Caesar
Vegan Caesar a la Moles

JANUARY 3, 2011 10:42 AM

Vegan Frozen Pizza and Other Reasons to Revel in the Arrival of 2011!
If the advent of Tofurky Pepperoni Pizza isn't a reason to celebrate the new year, I don't know what is. But there are plenty of other reasons too. For instance, the weather should be a bit better than usual for this year's Wake Up Weekend, which we've moved to March 10-12 to accommodate the schedule of our headline speaker, Carol J. Adams. (Learn more by reading all about her recent presentations at Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley, or check out this old extraVEGANza! write-up on her groundbreaking vegan feminism. We're hoping to have Harold Brown in town as well for a screening of Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home". Stay tuned for further details!

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