MAY 5, 2011 9:34 AM

Put your money where your mouth is so we can start eating!
If you're as excited as I am about the massive influx of vegan cuisine, creativity, education, and excitement that the opening of Bartertown Diner and Roc's Cakes will bring to the world, then please do your part to kickstart Bartertown. While giving to a good cause is its own reward, in this case you needn't even be an altruist, as there are some amazing returns on your investment: from limited edition postcards, t-shirts, and aprons, to the opportunity to name menu items, to custom catered in-home dinner parties and events, to your face painted into the mural, every pledge level entitles you to a piece of Bartertown history along with the bragging rights that come with being a Bartertown Backer.

Something for everyone!
If you're feeling especially generous, there's even a box to click to pledge your support with no strings attached so that our friends can reinvest the totality of your gift in the business. And even if you can't pledge any financial support at present, you can still be an important part of the team by pledging solidarity on their Facebook page and spreading the good word to your supportive friends and family! Don't miss this opportunity to help Grand Rapids take a GIANT LEAP toward our goal of becoming the vegan capital of the midwest! Stay tuned to extraVEGANza! for exclusive sneak-peeks of mural progress, menu development, and--of course--drool-inducing photos of Bartertown fare.

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