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Just two days left to claim your Bartertown Kickstarter prize package!
With a successful kickstart in the bag, several packed-out private events under their belt, an impressive soft-opening behind them, and a series of free vegan cooking classes already underway, Bartertown Diner and Roc's Cakes is just days away from being open to the public. It's also just days away--two days, in fact--from closing out its kickstarter effort, which means that all those incredible incentives and prizes offered in return for your early support of the restaurant are going away too! Remember: $10,000 was the minimum amount that had to be raised for funding to take place, and while that minimum goal has been met, we are still free--for the next two days--to put our money where our mouths are and cash in on those limited-edition rewards. Feast your eyes on what your support can help to make possible in our fair city:

JUNE 16, 2011 1:57 PM

Support Local Fellowship and Global Justice By Eating Vegan Baked Goods!
I realize it's a lot to ask. To be sure, being the change you want to see in the world by eating lemon ginger lace cookies, orange cranberry scones, sweet potato chocolate chip muffins, coconut heaven cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and raw chocolate truffles (among other culinary hardships) demands significant self-sacrifice. Nonetheless, the good folks at Square Inch Community would have us kick our selfish interests to the curb and support them in a new initiative--The Ready Table--designed to help Square Inch members, their friends and family, and anyone else who is interested to learn various lost arts of living that enhance fellowship in our communities and help us to live more intentional, compassionate, sustainable, and just lives as individuals and families.

Cooking, Baking, Canning, Fermenting, Dehydrating, and Sewing with a Purpose
Local artist, blogger, and Ready Table coordinator Erika Jane describes the project as follows:

"When our church was transitioning from meeting in our pastor's home to meeting in a larger shared community space we had many discussions about what we wanted our church to be. One common hope was to keep the feeling of family and home even though the meeting space would no longer be an actual home. The solution we have come up with is to have monthly workshops where we make things together that are typically made with family at home. We are naming this project The Ready Table. There is significance to engaging intentionally in DIY practice within a contemporary convenience culture, where anything you could ever want is on roll-out at Walmart. Educating and instructing each other, we can work together towards more simple living, in hopes of bringing Shalom."

Place your order by Wednesday, June 22 for pick-up on Sunday, June 26!
The intent of the vegan bake sale is to raise awareness of The Ready Table initiative, as well as funds to put on its free community workshops, the first of which--a vegan baking class led by Erika Jane, Marie Dershem, and Susan Halteman--is scheduled for later this month. In addition, 25% of the bake sale proceeds will support the efforts of sixth-grade Square Incher Hannah Dershem and her friends to raise money for GirlUp!, a United Nations Foundation program that seeks to ameliorate the lives of adolescent girls living in underserved or high-risk communities around the world. Presuming you're ready to stuff your face for justice (or even just for the love of baked goods that rule!), fill out the following order form by June 22 (or click here if your browser doesn't like the embedded version). Happy eating!

JUNE 13, 2011 10:55 PM

This Weekend! Green Cuisine on the Silver Screen at the Star Theater!
Starting this Friday, June 17, the acclaimed documentary film Forks Over Knives will be in town for a short run at the Star Theater. Peruse show times, purchase your tickets in advance, and give that omnivorous friend or family member the gift of potentially life-saving insight into the plentiful benefits of plant-based eating. Curious about the pros and cons of the film's approach? Check out these reviews by Roger Ebert and the author of a blog called Let Them Eat Meat. We're all for hearing both sides of the story here. And lest we stand accused of ignoring the off-point ranting of overrated hacks who can't imagine life without cheeseburgers, here's Rex Reed's take on the film.

JUNE 10, 2011 11:35 PM

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