SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 1:16 PM

Put on your Comfy Shoes and Walk for Justice on October 9, 2011!
I had intended to get this post up a bit earlier in the game, but there is still time to join in the fun at this year's Grand Rapids Walk for Animals. Get inspired by learning about the history and the vision behind this long-standing Farm Sanctuary tradition, and then visit the Facebook pages of Grand Rapids Walk for Animals and VegWestMichigan for details on how to get involved. Even if you can't commit to fundraising as a registered walker, you can always make a pledge of support to any of the 50+ people in our community who have already signed up to carry the banner for Grand Rapids!

Hey Couch Potatoes! Need a Little Extra Motivation?
Would you be more enthusiastic about skipping Bones re-runs to get out for the walk if Bones herself told you git 'er done? Well, turns out you're in luck! Listen to Bones and join the team or make a pledge!

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