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JANUARY 31, 2012 2:51 PM

Paul Shapiro and HSUS investigators expose Walmart's Pork Supplier
Pigs are at least as intelligent and emotionally and socially engaged as dogs. And yet, as Paul Shapiro explains in the above video, Seaboard Foods (the third largest pork producer in the U.S.) and Prestage Farms (the fifth largest pork producer in the U.S.) keep their pigs in conditions that no dog-lover could ever condone. Tell Seaboard and Prestage to abandon the use of gestation crates, and tell Walmart you want to see a swift and just termination of their relationship with these suppliers. Unless of course you find the industry defense of these practices compelling. Need some inspiration to move you to action? Watch Paul Shapiro's recent presentation at Calvin College titled Blessed Are the Meek: Showing Mercy to All Creation.