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JUNE 21, 2012 12:32 PM

Local media outlets greet Burritotown with a well-deserved hero's welcome!
The early reviews are in, and all indications point to massive success for Burritotown--Grand Rapids' brand-spankin' new vegan-diner-within-a-vegan-diner that, beginning on July 6, will be slinging tacos and burritos to hungry night-owls from 10pm to 3am (Wednesday to Sunday) after Bartertown closes its doors for the day. If you haven't tapped into the buzz yet, make sure to check out what The Rapidian, Rapid Growth Media, and Vegan Grand Rapids have to say about the hardest-core soft-opening our fair city has seen since Bartertown blew it up over a year ago.

Best ingredients money can't buy: real food, radical ideas, dynamite creativity.
The genius of Burritotown is that it takes everything we love about Bartertown--fresh, responsibly-sourced food, an empowering environment, and inspirational people-- and wraps it all up into an irresistible package that is available to everyone at a time of day when demand for food is high, but ready access to beautiful, sustainable, healthful options is virtually non-existent. Thanks to Burritotown, Grand Rapidians will soon enjoy regular opportunities to dine out late without killing ourselves in the process.

The big difference: being the change they want to see in Grand Rapids!
And the feel-good factor in supporting Burritotown is as much about social and spiritual sustenance as it is about physical sustenance. Do a little research on the people behind the food (Brandon Hill, Dallas McCulloch, and Ryan Cappelletti), and you'll discover individual and collective contributions to life in West Michigan that are transforming our region into the hub of progressive midwestern culture that we are grand rapidly becoming. We have one or more of them to thank, for instance, for documenting what it's like to live in the best beer state in the union, unleashing some of the world's most ferocious conscience-core, initiating a bomber craft-brewing co-op, founding a blistering punk scene, keeping the dubstep party on, growing one of the most radical farm-to-table enterprises in America, and--of course--revolutionizing vegan culture in West Michigan again, and again, and again, and yet again. Spread the good word, like 'em up on Facebook, and let's set this new jewel into the GR crown for keeps!