MARCH 12, 2013 10:39 AM

...Would Anyone Still Eat Meat?
Mercy For Animals is at it again, this time putting footage from their undercover investigations toward the end of truth in advertising. Your tax-deductable donation of just $20 can help this powerful commercial reach 4,000 viewers! And if you've got a grand laying around, you can take the credit for bringing this life-saving information to 200,000 people! With your help, this mad sausage could send millions running for their lives into the loving arms of Tofurky, Field Roast, Upton's Naturals, and other healthier, more enlightened, more delicious alternatives to dead meat!

MARCH 12, 2013 9:44 AM

Growing food autonomy one vacant lot at a time!
The growing season is right around the corner, and this video is one of my favorites of 2013 for getting fired up about food justice! If fashion-designer-turned-green-thumbed guru Ron Finley doesn't motivate you to turn your yard into a forest of nutrient-dense beans and greens, no one will. Check out his Los Angeles-based non-profit LAGREENGROUNDS, and friend it up on Facebook, too! Inspired to learn how to do guerilla gardening right here in Grand Rapids? Get to know the good folks at Our Kitchen Table and you'll have some powerful friends in the business.

MARCH 10, 2013 10:07 AM

Justin Timberlake - Bring It On Down 2... by IdolxMuzic
Justin Timberlake Veganizes the Mainstream on Saturday Night Live!
The Veganville sketch on last night's Saturday Night Live is cause for great celebration, not just because it was hilarious or because it was performed by one of the hottest young entertainers in America, but because of what the iconography and the coding of the sketch tells us about the evolution of mainstream attitudes toward meat-eating and veg-eating. Notice that the guy selling meat is portrayed as old, frumpy, humorless, unhealthful, constipated, uncoordinated, unimaginative, emotionally confused, and a victim of cognitive dissonance on account of his death-dealing diet. By contrast, the guy in the tofu suit is portrayed as young, vigorous, beautiful, athletic, funny, articulate, talented, creative, appreciative of a wide variety of tastes and cultures, and most importantly--COMPASSIONATE! The fact that Tofu Man is able to bring Super Mario around in the end by helping him to get honest with himself and that the two end up dancing together with a multi-racial, intergenerational cast of townspeople is the icing on the cake. This is probably the most positive mainstream portrayal of veganism that I've ever seen!

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