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phil, josh, matt, charlie and I were recently in the Pacific Northwest. The main intention of the trip was to meet and talk with artists, groups, music labels, artist run spaces. we spent a few days in portland, a few in anacortes, a few in vancouver bc, and then a few more in portland.

I can't tell you how good it felt to ride the Greyhound bus 53 hours through nebraska, idaho, colorado (and other various states), through the mountains and to our final destination where we slept like babies.

it was a beautiful trip, with many stories to be told, but for now- this is a picture of the Department of Safety in Anacortes washington. The final show of What the Heck Fest was there (P:ano, The Poison Dart, and Watery Graves are now bands that I listen to regularly). [someday i'll know how to have links and popup pictures maybe]. So- this is a picture from that show, outside DOS. Thanks.

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