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fruit flies are nasty, so is the Bush administration (a not so subtle critique)

It was both the rotting bananas and the dirty dishes that did us in, so meagan made banana bread, and we instituted the NO DISH LEFT BEHIND policy. From inception, this policy is:

1) under-funded
2) under-staffed
3) and over-publicized

In addition, there will be instances in which we will not be physically able to comply. But I'll be damned if it doesn't look like we are trying to make strides towards keeping a cleaner household.

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uh, so like what are you trying to say? how could you conjur such a metaphor about our beloved W?

we have been having major fruit fly problems in our apartment too. major.


i had declared The War on Fruitflies a while ago. To my surprise, it showed absolutley no effect! i thought a declaration of war against something as universal and unarguably despicable as 'evil' and 'fruitflies' in general would be sure to soon find a large following and rid all of our kitchens (but foremost my own of course) once and for all from such nuisances, little did i know. i think i'm beginning to understand.
thanks ryan and meaghan. and at least you CARE about all those nasty little dishes cluttering your place, right? you better keep them in check.

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