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new life

Meg and are going to the Sufjan show tonight. Word on the street is he's playing 7 strong, and it's a great show.

That aside, this is what the ex-dynamite studio/gallery/project space looks like currently. Meagan and I have been working diligently to clean it up and paint the floor and walls.

meagan at 613lyon space

We are interested in hosting quiet music shows, lectures, presentations, film screenings, discussions, music listening, and anything you may need from about 600 square feet of space minus two studio spaces, minus a bathroom. Call it an experimental cultural center, or an open-source idea mansion. Or maybe 613lyon. I'm not sure yet.

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holy shit that's clean!

i have some people in mind who i would really love to come to speak in grand rapids!


Who do you have in mind ben?

im so excited about the reopening of this space!

yay! count me in


nice job on the floor! looks lovely.

think big about this space guys, and i want you to think about it in this manner:

I would like you to hire me to come to your space and dance. just me. dancing.

put together a proposal and i'll consider.

only you can make this happen.

[but really, good work, and the place looks great. i'd definately be into sending some chicago folks to speak. ]

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