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furry brown bat

little brown bat

Just in time for Halloween, this bat showed up in the hallway to our apartment on Prospect. He was thoroughly confused through the whole ordeal. I swept him into a box (ever so gently) and dumped him onto a bush in the backyard where he swung into bat formation. From my very limited knowledge of bats, I understood that it is difficult (maybe impossible) for them to fly from a laid-out position on the floor or in a box. The next morning he was gone, so I'm hoping all is well.

Bat factoids:
I did some research and found out that less than 1% of bats in Michigan are likely to have rabies, but it's still something not to really mess with. batcon.org suggest that most bats who get into homes are younger bats who are simply lost. oh! and a small brown bat can eat 1200 insects in an hour!!!

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Thanks for the info! We just had a bat laying down on our enterance mat and we did not know what to do with it.. What you said helped us and now he is in a bush hanging upside down. I hope he leaves tomorrow like yours did.
Thanks again.

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