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christmas tree 2005

We took our Christmas tree down last weekend. Actually, it was the weekend before last. Right? It was a great tree, but we made a few mistakes. Next year we will learn from our mistakes:

Firstly: We are changing our approach for picking out trees. For the past two years we have gone for the tallest, shapeliest tree we could fit under our modest living room ceiling.

Next year we are searching for the most charlie brown tree we can find. Small, scrappy, cheap.

Second: Our tree lost a shit-ton of needles this year. Excuse me, but it was crazy. I stopped watering the damn thing when it started scratching me. I'm not sure if it was the correct assumption, but I figured at that point more water was evaporating into thin air than being absorbed through the trunk of the beast. However- it its defense we may have put it within inches of our main radiator in the dining room. I do feel bad about that.

Next year we are cornering the tree opposite any radiators/vents.

christmas tree 2005

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i really love that helmscene.

wow.. they have one just like it at this bar place in portland... i like it a lot too...


i like the contrast of the pretty, needly, green tree inside and the sad-looking, snowy, bare tree outside. i wonder if the two became friends, if they knew how different their fates would be?

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