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December 27, 2005

I almost forgot....

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December 21, 2005

what i will become...

While doing some christmas shopping today I got stuck in some traffic. I sat for a few seconds, but then I noticed cars were using the side lane to go around because, like me, they also were turning right and didn't need to go straight like all the people sitting stopped. So, I decided to follow them and also drive around. Suddenly a big navy van also pulled out. They, however, did not go they just sat blocking the lane. I waited and decided to cut through a parking lot right next to me. I quickly zipped around and got into the turning lane. I went to the salvation army, parked and joked about something with my girlfriend, Karen. Then out of nowhere we hear:

"You know, if you keep driving like that, you're going to get yourself in a real pickle."

We both smile and look confused. "What?" I say.


I then realize that it's the navy blue van that blocked the lane.


He then zips off. We both are confused and shocked he went out of his way to tell me. What a weirdo. I realize what I did may not have been legal or right...and yeah, I should have been more patient. But, what kind of guy goes out of his way to police the roads.


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December 13, 2005

Ear Roks of '05

So, what the heck, I think I'll create a list of my favorite albums (or CD's or records or whatever you call them) of the year.

1. Jens Lekman-Oh You're So Silent, Jens: Why haven't I heard of this guy before? Oh wait, I had heard him and even saw a video a year ago, but I wasn't really feeling it at the time. Now. Holy Cow. I have listened to this CD like 100 times in the past 3 weeks. His lyrics are so on. They're full of humor, but at the same time covered in that special, summer-night-greatest time ever-tender-love feeling. Example: I had a friend who was slighty overweight, that means fat-ass in the 7th grade. I still remember the steamy changing room, where they beat him black and blue, yeah they beat him black and blue. But, it's hard to stay mad, when there is so much beauty. An open window, someone plays tutti frutti. That makes me feel so sad, but just full of love at the same time. The other thing that really gets me is his use of samples. I don't think I have ever heard anyone use them in such a way. Whereas most people use old, obscure samples and generally ones that have a "hip hop" feel, Jens ignores that. He samples Christmas songs, 80's pop, Calvin Johnson, whatever. Also, instead of the samples being the base for the song, he uses them in random parts and layers them just like another instrument. Best Album of 2005 for sure, and maybe of all-time.

2. Final Fantasy-Has a Home!!!!!: Violins! or is it a Viola?! It's nice whatever it is. This guy can write a good pop song. I also love that the reason he started playing violin was to impress his crushes. In 7th grade, before I played an instrument, I used to fantasize about the day I'd get my guitar and how awesome I'd be (how wrong I was). As soon as I got it I was going to start a punk band and we'd play a school talent show and I'd impress every girl in our school and they'd all swoon over me. I did start a band. That's as far as that fantasy went. Good album.

3. The Books-Lost and Safe: These guys have released 3 of my favorite albums ever all in a row. More untraditional samples. If America was going to make a movie about itself, it would hire the Books.

4. Sufjan Stevens-Illinois(e): I don't love this as much as Michigan, but Sufjan is one of the best songwriters out there (period)

5. Why?-Elephant Eyelash: He's one of the only MC's/Singer/Rapperguy who's lyrics boggle my mind. What the heck is he talking about it? Then, when it clicks you think he is a word wizard.

6. Hot Chip-Coming On Strong: This just came out here, though it's been released in europe for a year, so I think it counts. This is my party record of the year. This album made me want to buy more synthesizers.

7. Domotic-Ask For Tiger: The whole Active Suspension label is pushing electronic music so much further. Such a creative, colorful album. This is the best fusing of electronic/glitch/noise and pop, maybe ever. Check out his website for real, it's sweet.

8. Fog-10th Avenue Freakout: "You know what they say about doing laundry on your birthday/ salt stains on your jacket from brushing against the car". I haven't sung one lyric over and over in my head so much then that one.

9. Patrick Wolf-Wind In The Wires: The guy loses some points because of his recent, very dramatic, very cheesy music video. Still the guy lived in a lighthouse after he ran away from home. Totally cool.

10. Jamie Lidell-Multiply: I haven't listened to it in awhile...but it was another great summer album.

Coco Rosie-Noah's Ark
Antony and The Johnsons-I Am a Bird Now
Lucky Dragons-Nortenas/A Sewing Circle
B. Fleischman-The Humbucking Coil
Lippok and Morgernstern-Tesri
Mount Eerie-No Flashlight
Architecture In Helsinki-In Case We Die

Total Disappointments:
Caribou-Milk Of Stuff
Four Tet-Something I Can't Remember
Mount Eerie-11 Old Songs

What about YOU!

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December 11, 2005


On Friday night I went to my first (yes, you heard that right, first) college apartment party. I was slightly nervous walking up to the door with my girlfriend and two friends. The sign on the door read, "Please be nice, take off your shoes or shake them off". I took my shoes off, because I have forever been taught this is the proper thing to do when in a home (I even do this in the summer when I wash the windows of people's houses, company policy). The boombox blared "Humps" and the TV was surrounded by Pistons fans. I made my first step on the carpet and instantly my sock absorbed the melted snow that covered the apartment's carpet. Obviously some boneheads can't read! The place was quite crowded, people sitting in chairs, people dancing, socializing on the stairs, playing beer pong in the kitchen, etc...you know, typical college party behavior. I went in to the kitchen and grabbed a beer. I took a sip; it tasted horrible (as beer does), but I still enjoyed it. I must have drank 3 or 4 before I moved on to Jello Shots. I quickly slammed 3 of those and I was off to the living room... I started dancing to that awesome song with the words that repeat over and over again..Do The Laffy Taffy..Do the laffy taffy...Do the laffy taffy...do the laffy taffy..etc. I don't know what I happened. I just remember grabbing her and suddenly having a tongue jabbed into my mouth. I didn't comprehend what I was doing. What was I doing?! I snapped my head back. It was too late. The girl who I had plan on marrying for the past 2 years had seen everything. She stormed out of the apartment before I could utter a word. It was over. I grabbed another beer and sobbed my way to the upstairs bathroom. I blacked out. On Saturday morning I woke up, my head on the bathtub edge, covered in blood and puke. There was blood everywhere. The bathtub was full. I slowly arose making my way to the mirror. Blood covered my face. What had happened? I examined my body, no cuts anywhere. Nothing. What the heck? I got in my car and headed home.

It was awesome!


I went to a party. Talked with my girlfriend and friends about weird parties we could throw and made up party stories.

Party Experience: D+

THIS WAS EDITED: Apparently a comment i made came off sounding kind of arrogant (it was not intended to do so), so it's gone.

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December 7, 2005

Ultimate Ego Booster?

It was like any other day, I turned on my computer and opened internet explorer. I typed in the address and clicked "My Rank".

9.0! 456 votes!



What do you think it feels like to be in the top ten of a ranking site? Do you think you would brag about and bring it up anytime you're insulted? Would you make business cards with the URL?

I would.

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December 6, 2005

A Music Recommendation...too lazy to make a "real" post.

I just discovered this awesome scandinavian singer-songwriter guy named, Jose Gonzalez. I had seen his name around on different sites, but wrote him off because he was another "folk singer" and I had just gotten out of a "folk" phase. Well, the other day I was watching this gorgeous video:

Gorgeous Video

and it just so happened to have a song by Jose Gonzalez. It's such a beautiful song. Jose Gonzalez writes such beautiful songs. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Check him out!


This is the original song Jose Gonzales is covering in the commerical:
Heartbeats (the Knife)

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December 5, 2005

What the kid who sits two seats away said:


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December 2, 2005

XTREME videos on ebaums world,

Last night I was driving home from my girlfriend's and I was on 36th street (a country type road), and all of a sudden I see up ahead brake lights. So, I slowly tap my breaks then BOOM! My car slides to the left, i adjust. Then I slide to the right, adjust. Then I slide left, going faster than I started. I do a tail spin, and land in a deep ditch practically on the side of the car (i was leaning quite a bit). But, luckily, no damage was done (to me or my lovely green escort wagon) and the cars I stopped for were a truck and a little car that was just taken out of the ditch because it also went off the road (but had damage). I got out of my car and a women shouted, we'll help you out in just a second. I being totally shocked simply said, "Okay". It was so strange, it felt like a dream. The weirdest thing was I had just watched car accident videos last night online, so it all felt so familar. The Father and son helped pull me out. At one point I thought they had yanked out the parts underneath my car, on which they tied the rope too. But, they didn't (phew!, that would be awkward...thanks, for trying, but actually do more damage). I thanked them and shook their hands, and they told me that so many people go off on the street and they help a lot of people each year(they lived right were I went off the road) Then I headed home never exceeding 15mph. I kept thinking it could have been so much worse. What if I would have hit the other people. Then I would be guilty of manslaughter, and that is incredibly intense.

There was a kid in my graduating class who accidently killed someone. He was driving his little brother on a snowmobile and they went off a job near the road and came crashing through a guy's window. He was found guilty and was not allowed to drive until he was 19 or 20 or 21, and even then he can only drive to work. That would suck so bad. THen there is also the feeling of killing someone; Of taking someones Dad away, taking someones best friend, etc...

The roads are even worse today! We have so much snow. I'm not loving winter so much now. Why do we live here? Why did people decide that this cold, freezing, snowy region would be a good place to live? It just doesn't seem logical that we freeze each year and spend tons of money heating ourselves and buying warm clothes to do keep from dying. Right now, I do not want to live in Michigan. Florida sounds pretty amazing right now.

UPDATE: http://www.takenaka.co.jp/takenaka_e/techno/0103_snow/
A Practical Use!

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