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January 29, 2006

The Soundtrack to a Relationship

I know many people hate this band, but I also know millions love them (they've got Gold to prove it), but The Postal Service created probably one of my favorite CD's of all time. I know I will continue to listen to "Give Up" for my entire life. Every sound on the album needs to be there and beep and hand clap works. The album is flawless.

On March 16th 2004, I sent a Mrs. Karen L. Kirkpatrick an email titled, "I have a secret...", this is what it said:

Subject: Re: I have a secret....
Date: Tue 03/16/04 06:06 PM
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> http://acnow.tripod.com/aaron/pics/accoy1.jpg
> http://www.benrose.com/cd/crushonyou.jpg
> http://www.webwombat.com.au/entertainment/dvds/images/bluecrush.jpg
> http://www.icqgreetings.com/friends/newsgirls.gif
> http://images-eu.amazon.com/images/P/B00005O863.02.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
> http://www.dtworld.com/Crush.jpg
> Do you feel the same?
> Cory
> P.S. Sorry if this is weird or awkward, I just had to get off my chest.

yes, I know what some of you are thinking; An Email! Are you serious? I say to you: Yes, it's the future, the internet is here. Get with it.

After sending that email I watched American Idol, used my computer to make songs, talked to my mom, and ate dinner (not in that order). I have never been so incredibly nervous in my entire life. This is the first time I ever told a girl I liked her! This is a big step for me! I have always been very shy about my interest in girls...not sure why, but I always felt like it was a private thing. After 2 hours or so I checked my email. My jittery fingers typed in my name and password, i almost threw up and I clicked the message:



I knew what Ditto meant, but I was just so confused, so I asked a friend; What does ditto mean? Wow. Okay, that was over....but now what? Where do I go? What do I reply? What is going on?

The next day we took our class picture in the gymnasium. I sat right behind her with a few other friends. It was so strange to be near someone who knew I liked them and, strangely, liked me back. She had said "Hi!" to me earlier in the hallway and my friend didn't understand why he didn't get the same enthusastic hello. As I left the gym, I looked for her, but I couldn't find her. Suddenly, she bumped my shoulder and my head floated away and it sort of felt like flying or being in a dream. As we walked to our lockers, I asked her if she'd like to see a movie on friday and she says, of course.

That friday we saw Starsky and Hutch, I threw a basketball at her face in meijer, we told each other jokes, we ate ice cream and talked to my friend's mom while he recorded a CD for MC's. It didn't feel much like a first date, but it still was perfect. The next day after work we decided to "hang out" again and go see Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind. On the way there the stereo blarred the opening chords to "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight". We didn't know what to say. We ate at Arby's for dinner. She paid for hers, i paid for mine. But, I did pay for the movie. We walked out of the movie completly silent, we felt like we were on drugs. The movie was great, but a real mind-trip. We did "Step 2" again and got more ice cream. We laughed in the line about how we had just been there the night before and the employees must think we're crazy. After we went into my house and she met my parents and we watched yet another movie, O Brother Where Art Thou? The night ended with a very awkward hug (my fault).

Movies were our thing. Our first 10 dates consisted of movies and dinner, I think, there may have been one where we went to pinball pete's and I ate the most amazing smelling sandwich in my entire life (I still get shivers thinking about that sandwich, it reminds me of so many good things). Even now at her house in the summer; our nights are full of bike rides to Blockbuster to rent movies. Yes, we survived the awkward dates. We survived the first few earth-shaking arguments. We survived the times we were sobbing in the car, not understanding the others selfishness. The soundtrack to all of this has been the Postal Service. It's one of the few albums we can actually agree on when nothing else sounds good. So much so, that I think we have decided to play "Such Great Heights" at our wedding. I look forward to the day when the bleeps and bloops fill the room, and we stare at each other (with freckles in our eyes) knowing there will never be another.

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Hot Chip - Just Like We (Breakdown) (DFA Remix)
The Hidden Cameras - Lollipop
Circlesquare - 7 Minutes (Patrick Wolf Remix)

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January 27, 2006

for the indie-dork

Worse than a Napster t-shirt? Yes. A shirt for a members-only music sharing site.

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Last Year At This Time: New Haven, CT, Train Rides, Mr. Cheese

this is the second half of my touring experience. Sorry for the numerous grammatical errors in the last one. I didn't have time to proofread. Does it really matter anyhow?

...after the restless night, Luke, Joe, David and I went out for a very good, cheap brunch. This is were I discovered how truly deep the two of these guys are into music technology. It was very interesting to talk to them, and they got me very excited and I wanted to learn Max/MSP right away (this never happened, what a crazy program). Are next show was to be in New Haven with Dave Longstreth (the dirty projectors). We got in our car and headed out...this reminds me of something I haven't mentioned; The Car.

The Car was small. I think it was a honda or saturn (David what was it?). It contained:

2 Gigantic Amps
2 Huge Guitar Cases
3 Suitcases
Bags of food
Bags of random things
At one point 3 people
and 1 dog

It was a very very cramped ride. We couldn't use the rearview mirror because things, such as simon's bed, were piled to the top.

We made our way to the expressway and merged on. This is where David remembered that we forgot the poster he had made the day before. We quickly turned around, got back to Luke's house, realized no one was there, called luke, went to where we thought he was, found out he had just walked back, drove back there, then got the poster. We got back on the now traffic filled highway and made our way a second time listening to the YACHT/Lucky Dragons Radio Central CD I put on my computer and their apartment. We arrived at Dave Deyette's house at around 7:00pm. Finding his house wasn't that easy though. We drove around his neighborhood for at least a half hour trying to find an invisible street. This is where we talked to Dave D. about how the tour wasn't going as great as we had hoped and told him all the crazy things we had done and people we met. This is where I said, "Maybe we should just go home.". "Do you wanna go home?" David asked.

"Uh...I would feel awful, leaving you! Why don't we both go."

"I can't, I need to play these shows..."

"I'll think about it"

I didn't have to do that much thinking. I already knew I was going to leave, I had planned on it day 3, i just didn't realize it was possible. Dave Deyette was an interesting kid, and not what I had expected. He and David had talked online a bunch and met through the K Records Messageboard, this was there first real meeting. On the way to New Haven, CT we got a phone call from Dave L. (SO MANY DAVE'S AND DAVID'S), our show had been canceled. Yeah, I was done touring. We had been gone for a week and played 2 shows. I told David we should just end it here and drive back. In my mind he was going to say, "you're right, let's go home". He didn't though. He said it was cool if I wanted to but he had made plans and was going to stick to his engagements. I said I was sorry and starting thinking about how I was going to get home. When we pulled up to Dave L's apartment we took our stuff inside and talked about the new show he had gotten us. It was at a girl's birthday party. He also informed us he wouldn't be playing. I had been looking forward to seeing him play for so long. He took us to this good burrito place/mexican general store. He then payed for our meals because he understood the difficulty in touring (THANKS DAVE). He tried to convince me to continue on touring and stick it out, but I knew that this wasn't my thing. He told us stories and about how he loves Hot Country so much. He took us to an abandoned drive in movie screen behind a dairy queen. It was a very pretty site. We went back to his apartment and we traded music (he gave me thegettyaddress, which I was so pumped about). While there I called Karen and told her I would be seeing her the next following weekend.

The show was at a large old house full of college kids who were drunk already. I wasn't so sure about the show. We took our equipment in a small, girly bedroom. David and I played in the corner. It was very dim. People came upstairs to watch us play, but people also came upstairs to talk...loudly. The show went okay, we didn't good up that much. But the entire time I felt judged by Dave Longstreth, was he into the tunes...I couldn't tell! Right after we finished I stayed in the bedroom and got online to look at my going home options. The Greyhound was going to be almost 200 dollars and it was going to take 2 days to get home. The other was Amtrak. For 130 dollars I could get home in a day and a half. Not a tough decision. I booked the trainride and I was to be ready to go at 8:00am the next morning. My plan was that we would go back to Dave's apartment, talk and chill. We got in his van and headed to this weird bar owned by the mafia. I wasn't checked for ID, and we spent an hour or so there. I sat and talked with Dave Deyette. Next, we went to a party in some guys art studio. I stood there while David talked to a group of people. I really didn't want to talk to anyone. I was too excited to go home. I wanted the night to be over. But, Dave D and I conversed some more. I thought the night was over but then Dave L. took us to and old industrial water plant, and we looked out at the dirty water. We got back at around 1 or 2, and I wanted to go to sleep. After all, i had to get up in another 5-6 hours. I set an alarm, though I woke up before it, and quickly gathered my things. I woke up David, he was going to give me a ride to the train station, and brushed my teeth. I was walking out the door, and asked David if he could keep my pillow and give it to me when he plays ann arbor. But, being that both of us were half-asleep, he said it would be better and easier if I took it. Fine, I thought. The ride to the train station was quiet. I didn't know what to say. I felt bad. When we got there I apologized and it was a tense moment. David said it was cool, and I got out. I took my guitar case, suit case, pillow and sleeping bag from David's car and walked to the station. I got my ticket and went to check in my baggage. "Sorry, sir, there is no baggage check on your ride. We can mail it to you for 45 dollars?". No thanks.

I carried all my crap downstairs to the docking station. My train was delayed for an hour. This is the first time in my life I felt like a real adult. I was alone. Just me and my few belongings. Homeward Bound was relavent again; I was sitting at the railroad station with my suitcase and guitar at hand. I felt both alone, but proud at the same time. I had done all this myself. Packed my bags, bought the ticket, everything. The trains were more comfortable than I had imagined. Though, they didn't have power outlets like i had hoped, so I had to limit my computer time. I stared out the window humming homeward bound in my head. I was going home! I listened to the new Dirty Projectors album. I did this for a half hour or so then realized I should limit my computer use. I decided to call both Karen and my bestfriend, Darin. Karen was just about to take a shower and go somewhere. Darin and I talked for awhile and I told him stories and he told me what was going on at school and the ann arbor area. I talked on the phone to various people for 3 hours. We passed through CT, NJ (Which looked so dirty!), and NY. Trainrides are awesome.

I was to switch over at the DC station. I had heard about it in movies and only bad things. I walked to McDonalds for a cheeseburger and was hastled by 4 homeless men asking for change.

"Sorry, I don't have anything." A lie, but I didn't really know how much I had. I had used my debit card a lot more than I anticipated. A homeless man did ask me to buy him a cheeseburger and I did. It was only a $1 and he did it in a very nice, non-aggressive manner. I sat down near my terminal and charged all my electronics. While on the phone with Karen another homeless man with a pefect hole in his front tooth said,

"Is that a keyboard?", pointing at my guitarcase.

"No, it's a guitar."

"Oh, I play the keyboard", he plays air keys, "I'll be back in a second."

I then explain to Karen what is happening and I should probably get off the phone and move. As I say goodbye I realize it's too late.

"Yeah, I play a DX7, you heard of one of those?"

(I actually did, I went through a keyboard/synth phase)

"Yeah, I know those"

More airkeys, "Yeah, I play with a few groups. Where you heading?"

"Well, My train goes to Chicago..."

He interupts, "ME TOO!" He then proceeds to take out what he claims is a ticket, but I realize it's an amtrak pamphlet.

"But, then I'm going to Ann Arbor/ Detroit Area" I add

"Really? ME TOO! I'm from Detroit! I need to ask you something.."


"So, I already talked with that lady over there and she's going to back me up on this, she understand my problem. I got almost all the money for my ticket, but I need 15 more dollars. I need to get home to my family in Detroit."

"I see"

"I'm not fooling you, that lady will back me up."

He points at the lady who gives a strange face.

"Oh," I say, "I hope you get the money! I better get going"

"Wait," he says sternly, "You're not going to give me the money! Man, why?"

"I don't have 15 dollars to give you!"

"But you said you would!"

"No, I didn't!"

This is where I thought he was going to punch me. We were both standing and I was getting woried.

"Come on man! I can sell you some weed! We can smoke it together, promise."

"No thanks"

"Come ON!"

I give him 5 dollars and he walks away with out a thank you or anything. DC has very aggressive homeless people.

I am the first one aboard the train and I get the front seat with tons of leg room. It wasn't that hard to sleep on the train, but when I wake up I realize I'm very hungry and I have to use the restroom. I make my way to the dining car and I am quickly scolded for being in there.

"Do you have a sleep car?"
"You shouldn't be here then!"

I walk to find a restroom.

"Excuse me, where are the restrooms?"
(Sigh) "Upstairs! You'll find it." she replies with fire in her eyes.

Train employees are not the friendliest. We get to my stop and I use the restroom. We wait for the bus to Detroit. The bus ride feels long and I listen to My Morning Jacket. The bus completly passes Ann Arbor to go all the way to Detroit, then it drives back and I get dropped off. My Mom and brother are there and I'm filled with joy seeing them. Home felt so nice. The shower felt so nice (I hadn't showered in probably 3 days). I was so glad to be home. That week I told my current employer I was back early and wouldn't be gone for another week and I wouldn't be going on the tour out west next month. They were glad to have me back and hear my stories. I visited Karen that weekend and enjoyed every minute of it. But, the thrill of home become less and less exciting. I was now at home, with a crappy job. Game Attendant at Chuck E. Cheese. Since I could work day shifts I was to work early in the morning (on monday's I would get there at 6 and we would sort tokens into 4 categories, "Gold", "Bronze", "Quarters" and "Other". I then would climb up on a ladder and dust the entire tube system. It sucked so much. Still, it's nice to think about that part of my life. Going to work in shorts, being cold, coming home after that hellish shift, missing Karen so much, listening to NPR in the morning (this was the first time I really got into it). I was so anxious to get back to school. David and I's relationship was not superb after the tour. I could tell he was slightly mad I left, and I was slightly mad for going and spending all my money. I actually was -300 dollars when I got home. Touring was a great learning experience. I realized I was an adult. I had control over my life. I wanted nothing to do with art or music as a career. I wanted stability. I wanted a family, a house, a yard, a good job and to be able to afford stupid things and help people. I should do something important with my life (Not that musicians and artists aren't important, I personally don't get any fulfillement out of either thing). The Winter/Spring of 2005 was a strange time for me. Something I will always remember and have stories about. I learned what hunger was.

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January 26, 2006

Last Year At This Time pt.1

I was going through my iTunes playlist today while making a mix CD and I started having what I call "The Weird Heavy Heart Feeling"...

The weird heavy heart feeling happens to me quite a bit. Usually it's triggered by a smell, sound, familiar landscape, person, etc.. It becomes hard to breath, I start to smile and memories rapidly fill my head. I love the feeling, personally. I even get that way when thinking about really awful moments, such as my touring experience last January. Before touring, I was very exciting. The thought of travelling across the country, playing music, getting paid for it, meeting new people, playing with some of my favorite people, etc... David Sampson and I were to go Northeast, originally with Adrian Orange (Thanksgiving). But, he decided at the last minute it wouldn't be a good idea. This kind of screwed us because we thought he was booking the shows....he wasn't obviously. So, David quickly gathered tons of information from various friends. Leading up to our first date in Toronto, David and Simon (Dog) came to stay with me and my family. Which, if you think about it, is kind of strange. Before he arrived I said a very very very sad goodbye to my girlfriend. We decided it would be best if we didn't see each other for the time David was there (I guess so leaving for the tour would be easier, it didn't happen anyway, she came over the next day). Saying goodbye the last time was very hard, less for me because I had a tour to look forward to. I held back the tears and we headed to Toronto to play with Steven Kado, and someband I don't remember the name of, but I do know that one of the guys in is a band called "Hank" that I really like. The show didn't go as well as we had hoped and for me that night didn't go as well either. Sitting in a guest room while David watched the office christmas special, I waited patiently for Karen to get online....no such luck. So, I started importing CD's that I found in the room (this was the only cool thing about touring). The next morning I was starving. We didn't eat until 4pm, Vegan lunchmeat on bread with ketchup. Wow, it tasted so good even though it was so bad. We were on our way to New York to pick up David's wife, Lisa. We quickly grabbed her and had no choice but to drive all night to Boston. Before we started driving though we walked around New York a bit. I was not totally impressed, but I'm not much of a big city guy. David and Lisa tried to get me excited and explain the cool aspects of cities. But, to me, it's all concrete. Everywhere you walk you're in a shadow. I talked to Karen on the phone, but didn't have that much to say, which made it so hard. I missed her so much already, and I felt weird talking on a phone in front of David and Lisa (why? no clue). The next morning we were in Newburyport, MA. A small, coastal town full of snow. This is where we stayed with Dylan Metrano (Tiger Saw). The first day there was the worst day of tour. We immediatly went to a 'studio' so Dylan could record. The 'studio' was an old house. I have never been that out of it. David and Lisa slept in a room, which left me alone upstairs. I looked for food, but there was nothing. I then spent the next 6-7 hours in this weird, green 60's decorated room with a mattress. There was no Wi-Fi like I had hoped. I tried calling Karen, no answer. I sat there. I didn't do anything. I looked at the walls; tired and hungry. "What was I doing here? Why am I not at home with Karen? Why am I not going to school this semester, I don't need to tour! I have no desire to be a musician!", all these things kept going through my mind, over and over. I had been on tour three days and I was already done. After sometime passed a cat came and greeted me. We layed next to each other, which was cute. He had a little white mustache and sharp nails. We finally left, and all I could think about was food. When we got to Dylan's cold house (they kept it at 50 the whole time!), I ate a bland vegan turkey sandwich again. Dylan was full of mixed signals. Sometimes he seemed like he really liked our company, other times it was if he was telling us to leave. We spent 3 days in that house. We never played a show. We watched stupid skipping movies and I couldn't call Karen because I left my phone charger in Toronto. The internet got boring. Though, this is the first time I heard the Hidden Cameras. I instantly fell in love with them and listened to them all most everyday for the rest of the tour. After coldburyport, we headed to New Hampshire to play with Nat Baldwin. This show was amazing. 20 or so kids in a living room just enjoying music. The food was so good, a bean soup of some sort. I ate 3 or 4 bowls. It was the first show I have ever played were I felt proud of what we just had done. We sold some CD's and made money. Maybe touring wasn't so bad after all. I called Karen after the show and we both told each other funny stories. It was a good night.
This is where it all goes downhill again. David was asked to MC a local show for a CD release party in newburyport. Our plan was to stay with Jason Anderson. This didn't happen. After the show Jason gave me a hug (i don't even really know him, but David and him are tight) and left without saying goodbye to David. I called Karen and told David what had happened and he got very upset. I quickly had to hang up, which didn't go over so well with Karen. We just drove. We were going to find a college to sleep in. Probably the lobby. We complained about how big of jerks everyone was and drove fast with the police radar on. We made it to Providence, RI and listened to 3 or 4 Simon and Garfunkel albums (Homeward Bound has never held more truth). We spent the night in a parking lot (which was so comfortable! Best night sleep of the tour), but that is not the worst thing that happened. We drove around trying to find free wi-fi and when we did I checked my email. There was one from Karen titled "My Diary Entry". "Cory is such a f****** liar....i'm never talking to him again. all he loves is music, it will always be like that...bs...bs..bs." I quickly called Karen even though it was 2AM...she didn't answer of course. But, I had to talk to her. I was so nervous, my belly felt like it was full of boulders. I called her cellphone and her dorm phone at least 45 times, then she finally picked up. I explained to her that I was not having this amazing time like she thought and I wasn't ignoring her because I was having such a great time. So, picture this: A 18 year old boy crying his eyes out, blubbering apologies and explanations in a Brown University parking lot at 2 in the morning. Not the best experience of my life, but a good memory still. She apologized and I told her I was coming home, i had enough. But, how was I going to leave? We still had a week left. The next day we went in a college artstudio all day and David used my computer and drew a picture. So so boring. I was so done then. That night we went to Luke Fishbeck and Joe Grimm's apartment. It was very nice to talk to luke and steal all his cool CD's. That night however was restless, because of a very hyper kitten who decided to jump on and try to bite me all night long. The next day was my last day of tour. To find out how I broke the news, you'll have to stay tuned for pt 2.

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January 23, 2006

....Lake Ontario Computer Lab...waiting...

Working Out Ideas

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January 19, 2006


650,000,000 jr. bacon cheeseburgers are on their way to pluto

(if you don't get this it means you're like me and don't have a tv. but, wendy's new ads have people using their dollar menu items as units of money.)

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GREAT FOR YOU: Encouraging Selfishness

Caller: HI! I just wanted to tell you I've read all of your books! I love them! Anyways about 10-15 years I ran away from home and dated 50 or so men and I'm now happily married and I just went back to school! I love life! Thank You!

Author: That's so great! You've gone through all the steps! Wow! Great to hear!


Diane R: When you say run away from home, what do you mean by that?

Caller: Well, I was living in a smalltown with 3 kids and I couldn't take it. I had to leave. My kids were older 1 of them had moved out and the youngest was in high school. We don't have very good communication now, and they really hated me at first. But, my husband understood I had to go.

Author: Good for you!


What? I understand older people should be happy and continue to achieve things, but this is taking it a step to far. The Author writes inspirational/instructional type books for women who go through menopause and a general aging process. She says they need to get out there and start living again, "do something!". I agree, that's great. But, what the caller did is totally awful! You can't leave your kids so you can have a happier life. What about your child? How will this affect there happiness levels? How is it living without a mom? What a Bia.

Author: "We need to stop living for others and start living for ourselves."


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January 18, 2006

Uh Oh: Atomic Energy

Two days ago NASA had planned to launch New Horizons. The probe is supposed to go all the way to the Kuiper Belt (Pluto)...it's going to take sometime though. On NASA's website it gives this little fact:

"At the earliest, current 1st graders will see New Horizons arrive at Pluto during the summer before 12th grade!"

Exciting right! Wait...not really. What are we really going to get out of this that we can't with high powered telescopes? Oh yeah, not that much. What pluto looks like on the surface? Great! Now we know. But, what if we spent those billions on real issues like AIDS research, or helping hunger? I personally don't understand the space program. Really, we haven't learned that much by going to space. Most of things taught now were learned by people hundreds of years ago and they used pretty crappy telescopes and mathematics.

While listening to NPR this morning they were talking about it and how it's been postponed because it's too windy. They also mentioned that it's powered with Atomic Energy and if something goes wrong it could send atomic particles as far as Orlando. Uh...why are we messing with that. Have we seen our success record? There have been some misteps and I don't think we should risk destroying parts of Disneyworld.


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January 17, 2006

You Hear It First:

...I have always hated that MTV segment. Mostly because a) I and hundreds if not thousands of people had already heard of the band and b) after they aired it they never played another thing from the band. LAME

Well, I wanted to show you guys this band called Electric President (yeah, kind of a lame name, but...whatev). They're new CD either just came out, or comes out soon on my favorite record label, Morr Music ( you should check this stuff out! also look at the artist who does all the covers page http://humanempire.com. I got the Electric President album a few months ago thanks to Indietorrents.

Electric President is from Florida. Which brings about another point I have to make, WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE RAISED IN FLORIDA? I guess my idea of florida is the ultimate tourist state. Does everyones parents work for Disney (similar to the big 3 in Michigan) or do they each own a crappy t-shirt shop or minigolf course. For those kids who are raised in Orlando spefically, what is that like? What is the culture like there? Do kids make music that sounds like Disney and Universal Studio cartoons? That is such a strange place to grow up in my mind. Although, currently I would love to live there (it snowed today). So....Electric President, Florida. The music doesn't sound like florida. It sounds more like music kids would make in their basements in the midwest. Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, sequenced drums, synthesizers and nasaly vocals....does it sound like I'm describing Why?? Well, probably because they sound kind of similar. Electric President has a much more poppier sound though, picture why? with Death Cab For Cutie with The Notwist. I don't know why I'm bothering to explain this much, just listen.

Electric President - Insomnia
Electric President - Good Morning, Hypocrite

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January 16, 2006

REDESIGN:'06 (CLICK REC....not this)

What do you guys think? I stole a lot of little things from Jona. I also got rid of categories, because why did I need those? Also, currently the comments page has the old header, the server is being a weirdo and giving me a 403 Error tonight, oh well.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

The Header comes from this book I found at the GVSU library:


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January 9, 2006

The Photographer

Setting: It's an hour before close at the Barnes and Noble. The scene take place by the magazines.

a curly haired man enters the shot. He holds a big duffel bag
Curly Haired Man: (shouts) They don't have the new Playboy! God, they said they would have it in by now!

(The three people quickly look at the man causing such a scene)

(The camera pans and we see a younger curly haired guy, looks as if he is high school. Then pans more to the right and a young, blonde woman is seen. She is wearing gobs of makeup, her hair is done up and she is wearing a large black coat and a mini skirt)

Curly Haired Man: I really wanted to show you these photos that Dan did! Plus, one of my friends was in there! Oh, here we go.

(picks up maxim magazine)

CHM: See, this is what I think we should go for, Dan does photos for Maxim you know.

(The friends are quiet)

CHM: Man, I really wanted to show you these photos, I love the colors so much!

Curly Haired Boy: Oh, really? I wanted to take them in black and white.

CHM: I don't think so. Do they have penthouse, they have some of his work in there. God. Let's go!

(the three begin to leave the scene)

CHM: I can't believe you can only do it in black and white

CHB: No, No! I can do it in color!

(30 seconds passes)

CHM: Do you have the newest playboy?

(salesworker and curly haired man and friends return)

Salesworker: Nope, what we have out here is all we got.

CHM: Dang, I really wanted to show them this thing. I have a friend in it.

Salesworker: Oh, sorry.

CHM: Are you the guy I talked to you yesterday...no, maybe not. He said it would be in today!

Salesworker: Sorry, Sir.

CHM: Fine, Let's Go!

(The characters storm off, blonde hair girl has a harder time keeping up in her high heels and short, tight skirt. The three witnesses snicker and whisper.)


This was so entertaining to watch and figure out who they were and what they were doing.

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January 8, 2006

Christmas Break 05-06

The following images were take on my break. Sadly, I'm missing some fun moments. There are no pictures of my family or new year's or christmas really. here they are:

(yes I know I spelled his, hiss)

The End.

Posted by cory at 9:51 PM