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June 27, 2006


I'm sitting by my window right now, using the computer. Just 2 minutes ago I saw a big flash, and I didn't even have time to count One.....BOOMMMMCRASSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It hurt my ears. I have never been that close to lightning. My heart is still racing.

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June 14, 2006

The Corner Office:

Today, I washed the windows of a few small businesses in Belleville (the local jobs, is what we call them). While washing a State Farm Insurance Building I looked through the windows. It was the same people as last year, 2 middle aged women, a 40 year old guy and a older gentleman. The 40 year old guy has a corner office. Unlike everyone else he's in his own little bubble. While washing the last window I looked in at his computer and was surprised because the work he was doing look a lot like Myspace. I looked harder, it was indeed myspace. But, the next thing that popped up was a young teenage girl in a half shirt......GROSSSSS! He was browsing girls on myspace. He looked up right at me, and I pretended to stare at the window. I had caught him. He quickly went back to his looking and I felt awkward. Is he some sort of sexual predator? or is he just some sad, balding 40 year old man who looks at hot 18 year old girls (or even grosser, 15 year old girls). I can't believe he was doing that at work, his coworkers were right there! But, I guess maybe they never come to the corner.

This is just an assumption, but I think he might be the dad of the kid guitarist in School Of Rock. I know that kid is from Belleville. I also could see his big School of Rock poster signed by Jack Black...

Myspace is scary.

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June 12, 2006

Effing Urban Sprawl:

Today I sat in traffic for 1 Hour and 15 minutes, guess how far I got from my house? About what usually takes 10 minutes from my house. I started off to work at 7:30, by 8:00 I had reached somewhere that takes 5 minutes to get to, that place being the on ramp to US-23. I look over the side, the expressway it's completly stopped (it's under construction at the U-23 and I-94 ramps, probably the most used section of highway in the Ann Arbor Area. So, I decide that's a no go. I drive around the corner and then decide to take platt road. That's where I sit for another half hour to only get 1/8 of a mile. It was stopped....for miles. Finally, I broke down, I burst into chuckles and found it to be so amusing. Everyone was going to work. Just starting their days off and what an awful way to do it. Stuck for hours in one spot, smelling gas fumes, getting pissed off about traffic. No wonder why so many people are a-holes. The lady behind me was freaking out and I MEAN FREAKING OUT. She was yelling, throwing her hands the air, flopping around, screaming, etc. It was hilarious, but kind of sad. I'm glad I don't work for her though. So, after an hour and 15 minutes of this I decide to turn around because I need to call my boss (I forgot my cellphone...just perfect). So, I quickly drive home, it takes me 10 minutes to do so. I pass all the frustrated people and am just bummed to live here. I really wish I could walk to work, or ride a bike, or a bus. In the future I will. This is stupid. Cars are stupid. My boss understood, and thanked me for calling. Why did we have to build everything so far apart?

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June 10, 2006

a spotty man from my childhood:

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Sorry Guys,

I forgot to show you this in time:

I hope Doink The Clown won.

I found this at Mike's Red Apple (Breakfast Hot Spot in Belleville, MI). Also, if you were a little person wouldn't you be kind of mad about the "MIDGETS"? I would.

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June 9, 2006


Today was a day I really wish I would have had my camera. At work I had to clean this little old lady's gutters. I have never seen gutters this packed. There were 3 layers:

-Dirt at the bottom (Which smelled and looked like Poop)
-Small Growing Plants
-4 inches of Water

It was truly disgusting putting my hands (wearing gloves) in this mess, sloshing it around and then throwing it into a bucket. It smelled like a poopy swamp, I almost threw up a few times. After 20 minutes or so I started looking in the water. There were hundreds of these small little creatures. All just millimeters long, rolling around and swimming. They looked like little tadpoles. I should have take n some and put them in a water bottle. After doing that for 5 hours I came home and searched, "Little Organisms in Water". Well, it turns out they were baby mosquitoes. ICK. I'm sure that water had been stagnat for quite some time and it makes sense because they're were tons and tons of mosquitoes at the house.

I saw a few in this stage:

but mostly like this:

and this:

I hate mosquitoes. I hate the word too. Also, is there really an "e" in the plural form? It looks so weird.

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June 3, 2006

Rm. 219

"Do you boys travel on airplanes?", she asked. We were very confused by the question, we both simply replied, "yes".
"Well, let me give you some advice, never ever drink the water they give you, unless it's in a bottle. You know, I try to have a good time. I go to florida, enjoy the weather, then I fly home and get sick. I asked for bottled water. They gave me a cup, and I have been for 6 weeks now. 6 weeks!"
I wasn't sure what to I say. I didn't feel sorry for the women, we were so ready to get out of there, I just quickly said, "I'm sorry to hear that."
It was a big lie though. I wanted to say, "Maybe it's just your lung cancer or emphysema kickin' in. You really should quit." You see, just minutes before my friend Darin and I were dying. My lungs were actually starting to burn. I have never washed dirtier windows. In this small apartment, the walls were yellow, the windows had a film, and were actually sticky. I actually felt ill washing them. I wondered if the nicotine and tar stayed in the water we were using. I tried to imagine what her lungs would look like. If the film was this thick on her windows, what would that be like on her insides! I imagined a short passage way to her lungs. It probably looked like those drain-o commericals, with the thick black crust surrounding the walls. I have always hated smoking, but for some reason it really hit me then how disgusting it actually was.
Thinking back now, I really wish I would have shown the old woman our bucket full of black water. I know she probably knows how terrible it is, but I wish it would just open her eyes. Though, I'm sure I would have gotten the ever famous line, "Everybody has to die some way".

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