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December 11, 2006

Nexcite: "Romantic Drink"

The "International Foods" aisle at Meijer is by far my favorite aisle in the entire store. It's where all my "extra money" is spent. Pretty lame, considering there are amazing ethnic grocery stores everywhere. Which I use at home in Ann Arbor, but in Grand Rapids, I don't explore. Except once when I went to a few Asian Groceries on Division. Anyhow, This weekend, while I was at Meijer getting a few groceries, I spotted this bottle:

As I'm always eager to try new drinks, I picked up the bottle of Nexcite, and carefully looked at the logo, copy and most importantly, the ingredients. This is something I have learned to do the hard way. Starfruit drink, "Hot Crotch" and ginseng have been just some of the missteps in my curiosity. It passed the test. There was no salt in this beverage. I did, however, notice something intriguing in the top corner of the label. In small helvetica, it read, "Romantic Drink". I had to buy it.

20 minutes after drinking the slightly fruity, but mostly weird, blue fizzy drink, I felt nothing. There were no signs of arousal. Nothing. Just a bad taste of wine cooler in my mouth. Karen made the "gross face" when she took a sip. So, as far as flavor goes, it's icky.

The reviews I looked up online following my experience said, "NEXCITE WORKS!" or "Just mix it with some alcohol and you're sure to get any girl in bed". Oh, I get why it's working for these people! Alcohol!

The label boasts, "A Herbal Supplement From Sweden With Love", and while that may be true, the swedes might indeed send their love, but I sure didn't feel any from this lame beverage.

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December 7, 2006

You Tube: Kids in The Hall

I have been watching a lot of clips from Kids on The Hall lately. Such a good show. Way better than SNL. I used to watch it everyday in middle school.

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December 4, 2006

These are difficult times...

Ok, so they're not really. The other day I ran out of kool-aid, but I was too lazy to go all the way to the stores. Then I remembered Bro-Zone! I still had some copies left, so I took the kool-aid from those.

Now, I'm jamming again. Except, I just ran out of sugar.

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December 3, 2006


Yesterday, I decided I wanted to play video games (We have an old N64). I plugged in the adaptor, turned on the VCR, and boom, I discovered PBS with crystal clear reception.

"WE GET PBS!" i shouted. Lindsay, and Anne, the only ones home, where there in seconds. We were amazed. We giggled in delight as a rabbit puppet bounced up and down on the screen. But, then a lame cooking show came on, and I complained that I was about to play Banjo Kazooie. So, they went back to their homework, and I got nauseous.

Later than night we decided to turn it on again. For two hours we enjoyed previews of two exciting DVD's. One about the very versatile, Marty Robbins (He can sing Country, He can sing Honky Tonk, He can sing R&B, He can sing calypso, and so on), and another featuring performances from "Country Legends". Normally, a person under the age of 68 would have changed the channel. But, we only have one. So, what followed was hours of hilarious banter, and observations.

For example, this guy:

No, those ear lobes were not photoshoped.

In conclusion, WE GET PBS!

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December 2, 2006

The Center For Eyes & Ears: "Reviving 2 Birds W/ 1 Breath" - Patrick

My ultimate goal in life is to open an interactive digital learning center for either (k-12 or 7-12). For the past few months I have been working on brochures, envelopes, letters, business cards and now this new ad. Most of it has been for CAP 105, Technology in Advertising. I just thought I'd share some of it. Comments are welcome.

Inside the brochure:

The Ad for CAP 210: because the whole point of the center is to get kids to create, and use their imaginations, I thought it would best to have an ad that did the same thing. The idea is an interactive sticker ad, where kids can create whatever they want in the space provided, or on their notebook. I know personally, I have always loved stickers. My hope is others love them too. There are two sets of stickers, pre cut, and blocks to make personalized shapes.

Sticker Sheet:

The Main Page.

How it would all looks together:

A website is currently in the works (my final for CAP 105). It will actually have same header as my blog. I'm almost done, just a few more pages to fix and add stuff to.

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December 1, 2006

Silent Settlers

Last winter, I wrote a post complaining about how awful winter is, and about how I didn't understand why anyone decided to settle here. This was all because I had slid off the road into a ditch. This year is different, I walk to school, which I love (I noticed this morning my car was covered in a 1/8 inch layer of ice).

But, I'm still not sure why they thought, "Whoa, this is great let's live here!" Yeah, yeah, we have lakes, and trees...so?

My new theory is the early settlers were quiet people. They honestly didn't have too much to talk about. They spent their days hunting and gathering, in complete awkward silence. So, when ever it did snow, they livened it up, and they all complained in unity.

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