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January 31, 2007

I Know My First Name Is Cory

When I was in 3rd Grade there was a weekly TV mini-series called, "I Know My First Name Is Steven". It was based on a true story about "Steven Gregory Stayner (April 18, 1965 – September 16, 1989), a U.S. boy who became famous after he was kidnapped and held captive by his abductor, only to be reunited with his family years later."(wiki). I'm not sure how many people remember it, but according to the VHS case, "It shook the nation", so I assume that means some of you. I know it shook me. Everyday after I got out of the bus I imagined the entire scene. I would be walking along, a car would slowly pull up, a man would offer me a Super Nintendo...would I take it? Of course not! I've been watching the mini-series!
Still, I had a new thing to add to my long list of things to fear. I would often worry about my friends who walked home from school, and picture them getting into the car for Ring Pop's or Crunch Bars.

The scariest part is, weeks later (or years possible, but for the sake of this post and drama, its weeks), a black car was spotted circling the neighborhood are school was in everyday after school. One girl claimed the man in the black car talked to her. Everyone was pretty alarmed, and I remember them making annoucements on the loud speakers urging kids to walk home with someone or get a ride from their parents.

Nothing really came out of all the excitement. I don't think anyone was arrested and no one was ever tricked into jumping in a car for a bag of Blow Pop's. It just faded away. But the story of Steven has never faded from my mind (especially the groady scene with the nude polaroids). I'm not afraid of being kidnapped anymore, but every now and then I imagine the scenario where someone is chasing me with a knife (I think about this a lot at church). I usually look at everything available. What could be used as a weapon? Are those speakers heavy enough to break a skull? Would a chair slow them down? Could I jump up on that beam? How easy would that window be to break? Could I jump that?

I really don't know the purpose of this post. I have just been thinking about Missing People. I have an idea for a story. Online Brainstorming I guess??

Oh, also, if anyone has any idea where I can see/buy/download "I Know My First Name Is Steven" it would be appreciated!

P.S. Am I the only blog on G-Rad who doesn't use Verdana, Arial and Helvetica?

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January 15, 2007

oh, frustration: the dew dudes vs. palestinian suffering

I'm an Advertising Major. Sometimes I don't know why. Other times I know exactly why. I enjoy being creative. I like solving problems. But, for the most part, I hate consumerism. I understand we need to buy things in order to create a vibrant economy and blah blah blah, but, ugg, so many companies just don't get it.

Right now, I'm working on a Hypothetical Case Study for Mountain Dew. It's was very interesting to learn the history of "The Dew". It was once sold as a soft drink for the crazy, southern hillbilly. Then, in the 80's they decided to focus on the urban/suburban crowd and focus on "X-TREME SPORTS! (EXPLOSION)!!!".

Well, anyhow, I think you guys have seen where dew went with it's "dew dudes". Since that ad it's been all about X-TREME SPORTS. Pretty lame.

Anyhow, I was hoping for this case study I would be able to create an idea for a new campaign. But this is not the case. I get to choose from 5 of the worst ideas ever:

" 1. Labor of Love. A humorous spot about the birth of a Dew drinker. The doctor in the delivery room calls out "code green" and retreats to catch with a baseball mitt the baby as it shoots out of its mother like a cannon.

2. Cheetah. One of the Dew Dudes chases down a cheetah on a mountain bike. The cheetah, running on the African plain, has stolen his Dew and he wants it back. He tackles the cat, pulls the can out of the cat's stomach, but finds that it's empty and full of holes.

3. Dew or Die. The Dew Dudes are called in to foil the plot of an evil villain who is threatening to blow up the planet. Performing daredevil maneuvers down a mountain, they get sidetracked in a ski lodge with some girls, but accidentally save the world anyway, powered by a spilt can of Dew.

4. Mock Opera. A parody of the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody sung by the Dew Dudes who mock the cover of the original Queen album. The ad portrays the story of the altered lyrics: alternative sports action in which the athletes just miss cans of Dew as they shoot by.

5. Showstopper. A take-off on an extravagantly choreographed production number that mimics a Busby Berkeley musical/dance film from the 1930s. The dancers are silver-clad BMX riders and skateboarders who perform for the Dew Dudes posing as directors. "

I have seen all of these, they were stupid. All these ideas seem even more stupid after learning about Mecca Cola. For those that don't know Mecca Cola is quickly becoming the largest Soft Drink producers in the world. The company works a bit different than Coke, or Pepsi:

"As Mecca-Cola is a successful product, Mecca-Cola Beverage France gives 20 % of its net profits to charities. 10 % will go to Palestinian charities which are strictly humanitarian and which gives priority to child welfare and skill education. The Mecca-Cola association will use all the means at its disposal to ensure that the aid that it gives is not diverted from its intended purpose and that it is not sent to support fighting factions.

The remaining 10% will be given, to the local charitable organizations.

Mountain Dew just seems like garbage now. Mecca isn't the only one giving away to charity. Have you guys heard of Tom's Shoes? When you subscribe to Good Magazine you pick a charity of your choice to give to.

I'm not expecting all companies to be this progressive, but it is so frustrating to see these stupid ads! "...A BABY POPS OUT, AND IS CAUGHT IN THE AIR! OMG! SO FUNNY! LOL!" Does anyone truly think that is funny?? I doubt their target, 18-25 year old males would even laugh. Who knows, maybe I'm out of touch already. Maybe I've wrecked myself by watching "Extras" or "Stella"...

Oh well, I guess I should choose which HILARIOUS ad I think would work best for the Super Bowl. I bet people would really get a kick out of the Bohemian Rhapsody parody.

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January 5, 2007


For Christmas I received a Wal-mart giftcard from Karen's Uncle and Aunt. Today, I decided to use some of it to buy the tail-light for my car that has been out for...5 months??! I have always hated going to Wal-mart, even us a youngin'.

Karen decided to wait in the car, and I made my way to the auto. On my way back there I followed closely behind three young men (Seniors in High School, or Freshman in College). We both ended up in the automotive section. I heard them a few aisles over, "Shit dude, look at this shit...","Damn man, fat ass..blah blah, shit."...you know the way every teenager talks, using "shit" for everything and anything.

I grabbed my lightbulb (the wrong kind, dumb reference book), and made my way to the checkout. I ended up behind the three guys again. Before I had gotten behind them, I watched a young middle-eastern boy ask his mom if he could look at the toys. The two parted, and he started walking towards the toys, in front of the three "bras".

"Hey little guy...", the short one, with the bluetooth borg piece taunted.
The other two just laughed.

The little boy started to walk faster, and my heart sank. I was about to get in a fight, I thought. The three laughed some more. Then in an indian accent the borg said, "... you want to lick my balls?". OK, that was it. I had to say something. These jerks can't go around harassing 9 year old boys! That's ridiculous! But, how was I going to take them. The three of them were way bigger than I was...WAY BIGGER. The little boy shot down an aisle, and luckily they didn't follow. I clenched my fist, and walked behind the rest of the way.

I really should have said something. I wanted to hit them. It was the first time I had ever wanted to hit someone.

I hate wal-mart. But, especially the chubby borg and his posse.

Posted by cory at 5:35 PM