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March 20, 2007

Sounds For Neighborhoods, Free on Virb...

It was 2005, and I had just arrived home from a failed tour with Cains & Abels (I left after 10 days, leaving David Sampson to face the south alone) that didn't go as I had planned. Classes had started a week before I came home, so it was too late to enroll. So, I did what anyone would do in that situation, I worked at Chuck E. Cheese, and recorded this album.

It's weird, and frustrating to listen to this two years later. Mostly because there is a lot I would have changed, but two months later finishing it (June 2005), my laptop broke, and the files were gone forever. Now I offer you this for free. I'm done with it. Take it. Listen to it. This may be the last ever S. American Agriculture album (though, it may not).



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March 17, 2007

The Giver: Prophet/Rev. Peter Popoff

I'll tell you what, this man. this AMAZING man. He wants me to be sucessful. This is why he has not only sent me Miracle Spring Water, but now these wonderful gifts:

(Dead Sea Salt (From The Dead Sea, of course), A Cloth Hand, and Anointing Oil from the Holy Land)

In addition to these gifts, he has written me beautiful personalized letters:

Thank You, Rev....ehh, Prophet Peter Popoff! I hope I will be "set" by June, like you have predicted!

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March 16, 2007

Crap, it worked

I really should be finishing my project right now (the one I took the survey for), but I'm irritated and I want to blog about it.

Okay, my project is about the Little Prince, and some of the lessons learned from it. Specifically the thoughts on Materialism. Right now, I'm doing research about tweens and marketing/advertising. It's pretty depressing. I found this site, http://360youth.com, which essentialy informs companies how to trick kids to buy stuff they don't need (and join the military. ha! or wait...:( :( DOUBLE SADFACE) It's sad because I realized I was a victim.

In Middle School, and High School, we were forced to put book covers on all our books. Book covers could be found for free in the office, and they were covered with sweet illustrations and logos of our favorite companies, Nike, Gatorade, etc... This is one of the ways 360youth offers to reach kids, because as they show:

-75% of schools require or actively recommend the use of book covers by students. Another 16% make sure to have book covers available for their students.

WE WERE TRICKED! I didn't even think of that as a kid, and why would I! We're not educated about it! These were brands we all wanted! I wanted a pair of Nike's so bad. But, my mom said it was stupid for my growing foot to rest in a $110 dollar shoe all day in classs. She was right, but I didn't understand. As far as book covers go, I always turned them inside out. Not because I was cool, and understood anything, but because I liked to draw on them...which led me to like being creative, which then lead me to school for art, which lead me to hating art classes, which lead me to thinking, "hey, in advertising I can be creative." And that's where I am. I'm majoring in something I don't agree with, or really like that much.

I don't really know what my view of Children's advertising was before this project. I had said I was against it. I have said I'm against a lot of things (which usually doesn't get friendly responses in ad classes). I really wonder what's going to happen after I graduate. I'm either going to be really picky about an agency (because I don't think advertising is all bad, just the crap that deceives everyone), or maybe I can work for an ad awareness program. Then again, I could just wash windows, and work towards my ultimate life goal (which I'll work towards no matter what). I have also thought about going to Grad school and becoming a librarian. Shoot.

Maybe Ad Busters will be hiring.

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March 12, 2007


Dear Friends,

Could you possibly give up a few minutes to take a survey for one of my classes? It would be most appreciated. If you take it, you can get your own vial of Peter Popoff's Miracle Water FOR FREE! That's right! NO HIDDEN COSTS!


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