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May 24, 2007

Clark & Michael

Clark and Michael

Michael Cera (of Arrested Development and I Was A Sixth Grade Alien fame) and his pal, Clark Duke (C.S.I. as "Frat Boy #1"), have just released a new online tv show. I was very excited when I first heard about it, and after I saw the preview (below), I was even more so:

After watching the first episode I can safely say: "It's better than "Yes, Dear"...!!"
It's not Curb Your Enthusiasm though (which appears to be the biggest influence on the show). It's funny, don't get me wrong, but I think it will get better. I hope it will anyhow.

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May 23, 2007

Building or Destroying?

Yesterday, while we were washing a home with an indoor pool (yes, ridiculous, right?), I saw this house through the trees. All I could make out was the aging, castle-like, balcony. So, as soon as I finished washing the windows of the inside, I walked over to get a closer look.

It sounded like a lot of birds live in there! I'm not sure if it's still being built, or if they just gave up. Stuff looks like it's falling apart, while other things look brand new. Some of the windows are in, and some are boarded up.

It would be a pretty good house for a scary movie, or just a weird one.

The neighbors live in a castle. There is a passage of water that separates the two houses. I don't know if you could call it a moat...but, I guess you could.

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May 17, 2007

"caution may cause u to get wet"

I heard laughter on one. So it's kind of amazing these may not be sincere, but disappointing at the same time. Oh Internet.

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Do You Ever Feel Like A Ghost?

Last night, I dropped Karen off for a Life Guarding class. Instead of going home I figured I could waste five hours at the library and in Borders Books. Let me tell you, five hours is a long time! It was kind of fun though. I read:

2 Chapters of Black Swan Green by David Mitchell (Good!)
1 Chapter of Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon (!)
5 Short Stories by Miranda July (Weird!)
1 Essay by David Sedaris
1 piece by Rodney Rotham about how he pretended to work at a job for almost a month. (Hilarious!)
A Comic by Adrian Tomine (Awesome!)
1 Short Story by Kevin Brockmeier (Wow!)
1 Short Story by Jonathan Safran Foer (Holy!)
and various magazines...

I do this a lot, just read at bookstores. Afterwards though, I always feel like I'm in another world. I feel like I'm floating around and and invisible. I feel like a ghost.

Do you ever get so immersed inside your head, and thought, and ideas, and stories, that you feel like you're not really there? I think I like it.


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May 10, 2007

What if they hate my cupcakes?

I don't know the exact year, but at some point in elementary school I started to hate celebrating my birthday. I was always a shy kid, so obviously extra attention was unwelcome. I'm still not sure what to do when people sing Happy Birthday. Do I smile? Do I thank them? Should I clap at the end? Why do we sing this stupid song? The singing and the extra attention was horrible, but it's not the only reason I hated celebrating my birthday.
In elementary school we were required to bring in a treat for the class. Cupcakes. Cookies. Donuts. Ice Cream. Candy. Why the person who has the birthday needs to bring it in, I don't know. It would make more sense to have a schedule, or Birthday buddy.... Anyhow, bringing in a treat was always a nerve wrecking experience for me. My mind was filled with worry, and questions up until I passed them out:

What if they hate my cupcakes? What if the girl I like is allergic to nuts? She won't like me if there are nuts! Mom! Why did you put in nuts!? Do these seem cheap will? Will the kids think I'm poor? etc...

I was happy when I reached Middle School. There were no more treats, and no one even had to know it was my birthday! Perfect.

Today, I turn 21, and I guess this blog post is announcing that. I'm telling you. I'm 21 (No, I'm not getting wasted). Earlier today, my Boss took me out for lunch. He decided to tell everyone. After a random girl in restaurant sang to me, inserting "Window Washing guy" instead of "Cory", the owner gave me free baklava (or baklawa).

I bet if someone brought in baklava everyone would make fun of them.

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May 2, 2007

Its been a long time/New Dntel Remix

I haven't blogged in forever!

George emailed me this link earlier today, http://www.subpop.com/channel/news/dntel_remix_contest So, after a few hours later, I came up with this:

http://virb.com/s_american_agriculture (it's called Dntel-Dumb Luck (S. American Agriculture)

Let me know what you think!

Other than that, I moved home on Saturday. I started work today (washing windows again). And here is my report card:


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