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August 29, 2007

"Somedays you find diamonds, other days there is nothing but coal."

According to the guy who told me that today was a "coal day". I have to disagree though. Today I found four awesome children's books. I was looking for something to decorate my room with, and the illustrations for these are perfect!

Charley Harper illustrations!! I wanted to buy his big new book that Todd Oldham put together (link), but yowzers!! $156.80! I got my copy of The Giant Golden Book of Biology for $0.50.

I had never seen these books before, but there were a couple of them. They were written/illustrated by Richard Hefter. I bought the counting book.

I looked at buying Babar posters last year. I loved the books and cartoon as a kid. I got "Babar is King" for $0.50!

Richard Scarry books are some of my favorites. I really love cluttered children's books where you can stare at pages over and over again and find something new. I have more hanging, but this part is my favorite.

$2.00 worth of diamonds.

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August 28, 2007

Back in Allendale...for the last time!

We're living in the same townhouse complex we lived in last year. Mostly out of convenience. We had intended to move downtown, but since 3 out 4 of us have all our classes in Allendale, we picked here again.

I decided to bring A LOT less stuff this year hoping it would prevent me from being cluttered/messy, and a lot more organized. So far it's helping. It looks similar to last year...


Where I'm writing this.

Where I print things.

Where the books I haven't read, or want to read again, sit and my amp hides.

The messiest part of my room this far...

I want to eventually hang some pictures up, but for now I have four blank walls.

P.S. The new version of Movable Type is nice.

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August 8, 2007

Lean Mean 13 with David's

This morning, at David Byrne's house, I talked with him and David Lynch about the new Janet Evanovich book, Lean Mean Thirteen. It was great talking with two people who love her thrilling bounty hunter stories as much as I do.

We all agreed that she [Janet] really hit this one out of the park. Stephanie Plum reached a whole new depth in this one, that none of us even thought possible. Although, Lynch-y still thinks 7 was the best (that guy), Byrne and I, think she really out did herself.

Nice work, Janet.

Afterwards, Kevin picked me up with Christopher Lloyd, and we went to work on "Camp Nowhere 2: The Boys are Back in Town". Keep a look out for that one. I think we might have that Michael Cera on board (from Arrested Development and Clark & Michael).

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