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October 26, 2007

I Finally Beat It.

After a month of playing Jelly Blocks at work (every now and then, I work on projects too), I finally beat it.


It is a bit of a letdown though. I thought there would at least be some balloons, or confetti. Although, when has beating a video game ever felt that great? Normally. for the console systems. you have to sit through 15 minutes of credits just to see, "Thanks for playing!"

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October 12, 2007

Mark Mothersbaugh, One Cool Dad

Dear Dad,

If you could dress and act like Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo/Mutato/Yo Gabba Gabba), that would be great, or I guess more fun. Though I'm not sure how'd you would be in serious situations, or with actually helping me. Maybe you'd be that annoying Dad who is always trying to make all my friends laugh.

I'll leave it up to you,

- - -

I was really disappointed when they moved Yo Gabba Gabba's time slot on Nickelodeon. Before it worked out perfect. I could watch it every Tuesday and Thursday before going to class while eating lunch. The animations are great, and are done by people like Jesse Ledoux (though I don't think his has aired yet), Paperrad, and Mumbleboy. All of which, I admired before Yo Gabba Gabba.

It's strange for kids to have such a cool show, I wonder if this is new, or if during my childhood there were 20-30 something hipsters who were fans of animators, who then went on to do kids shows... I'm sure it's possible. The animations for Sesame Street still hold up.

I'm really not sure what the purpose of this post is. I like Yo Gabba Gabba. Watch it. Mark Motherbaugh is a cool guy, who created the soundtrack and sounds of a TV show I still think about (Rugrats). Here are some clips from Yo Gabba Gabba:

Unibros - Share

Mumbleboy - Family (Song by the band, Low)

Worm Babies Aren't Scary When You Get To Know Them, In Fact, They Can Be Your Friends.

Behind the Scenes

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October 1, 2007

^&*@ Granholm.

Last night, I went out for Fourth Meal, and then tried to buy a lotto ticket, only to find I COULDN'T. I was so mad, I sped the entire way home.

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