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December 23, 2007

Lazer Tag / Pizza Party


I started a tumblr. I plan on using it just as a digital scrapbook/journal for ideas, and things I find. You can look at it if you want to.

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December 14, 2007

Pig Lovers

Last night, I dreamt about a new trend in the U.S.. People were so infatuated with their pigs (the animal) that they wanted the pigs to be "a part of them". So, with the help horseshoes, people were getting pigs attached to their genitals.

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December 7, 2007

Failure/Giving Up On Ideas

No, I did not quit G-Rad. The last post was the start of a new plan, or a new blog.

My plan was to stage a fall out with George, and leave G-Rad for a few weeks. Then, I would come back as "Rob Jenson". You may recognize me...or uh, Rob, from a few forum posts:


Rob Jenson is a 28 year old, former Grand Valley Business student, who now lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He manages a small call center called, VIP CALL CENTER LTD. and is also an Amateur Body Builder. He knew George through a class they had.

Rob's blog was going to be a deep-life-blog, and occasionally a place to show pictures of "Hot Chicks" (Hot Chick Thursday). I had hoped to get people to hate Rob, but at the same time grow to like him. I figured he could experience a terrible break-up, or at some point "find God".

I was very excited for the idea for the few days. George repeatedly asked me, "Why are you doing this?" After I screwed up the CSS code, I never had a chance to fix it. I got busy with school, and the "great idea" began to fade. I actually scared myself at one point (after making Rob's facebook account. FRIEND ME/ROB! ) because I felt like I was starting to think like him. I'm not sure exactly what I thought, but at the time I started to wonder, "If I do this, will I become Rob?"

I might have, but we'll never know. While I still like the idea of a fictional blog, I realized I would miss this one. I also was a tad concerned that people may take my post seriously, and want nothing to do with me. I'll leave you with this image of Rob's car:

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