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May 31, 2008

Nina Liteeagle: REAL, and Marrying Peter Popoff?

I posted what I thought was spam last time, but I'm not entirely sure it is. I've got two more comments from 'nina liteeagle', the latest included a phone number:

are you going to respond.rev peter popoff.prophet peter popoff whome i
love adore .you are my lover my purpose my husband in holyspirit.my man
whome i trust.will you call me please let me talk to you.its not fair
if you dont allow me too.Jeus is just and fair.arnt you?im not asking
for a big thing only small.so pick up phone call number
226-663-3381.and dont delay.EVEN JESUS SAID REV PETER POPOFF YOUR
do it.dont you know i love you?are you afraid dont be i wont bite.your
silly love me.dont make me wait.ive waited almost 4 years thats long
enough.im saving myself for you in the flesh,i want yoou only you and
nobody else but you in the flesh face to face in such astrotic amazing
way,im in major shape yes 7 hours are you ready.i think you are lets go
im on fire inside for you rev prophet peter popoff.IN JESUS NAME AMEN
AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN.will you agree?and say amen/COME ON.

I called it. I expected it to be a porn hotline. Instead, I got voicemail for a woman named NINA LITEEAGLE! She said she was soon to be Mrs. Peter Popoff, and then went on to ramble about Jesus, and put the phone up to the television, which was playing a preacher who is, "like Mr. Rodgers".

Call the number, I dare you. It's weird.

DEAR NINA LITEEAGLE, is this some sort of project? Or are you truly obsessed with the "Prophet" Peter Popoff?

UPDATE!: Visit http://www.virb.com/s_american_agriculture/music/albums/6114 for a very quiet mp3 recording of nina liteeagle's voicemail

Posted by cory at 5:55 PM

May 9, 2008

Spam/Poetry/Prayer: ?

Im in love with you so im also alone.i am married to you through Jesus so lets get bad.I truelly cant get over the way you look.you are a great eagle.i cant wait untill we consume each other.your loins are amazing. i would like to crawl all over them. put some chocolate on you and lick it up.i would like you to put anything you desire on my eagle body and area inside my vagina in wich would feel great. yhats my favorite spot.i need you to be in my arms soon. constamating our marriage will be wild.Accually i could go all night.my drive is high.im saving it for you my love.can you feel my desire for you in this way?do you feel the same?we can use mager substances also .ps lets get wild togethermy husband to be in the flesh.as i write this my juices are flowing within. i can feel you.revpeterpopoff.you and i are so in love that noone can change that and serpass it.our love hits the hearts of many brings down angels. and Jesus is amasingly glad to see that we have a love so strong.Can you call me please personally.i need to here your beatiful sexy voice.i nina liteeagle love will keep you and never let you go.love nina liteeagle allthis will come to pass inJesus Name amen
-comment from Nina Liteeagle

Posted by cory at 8:46 PM