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Happy Birthday Mom
GR must be desperate for money
a green sweater transformed
I feel pretty
My Wisdom Teeth
Happy Halloween
Bricks, Lafayette and Cherry
Bees, Kensington Nature Center, Milford, MI
The Neighbor's Pants
Flowers, Fulton St. GR.
Walking Tube
Rear Window
Pink Toast
Hay, Milford, MI
First G-Rad Picnic, G.R.
Kyle and I pose in kitchen
Kyle wears the Hat
Self Portrait, Blue Hat
Kyle and John, Chicago, IL
Tail Lights, Blue, Hopkins, MI
Sunset on a humid day, Wealthy St., G.R.
Car Show, Hopkins, MI
Dirty Dinos at Dollar Buys, 28th St.
Kyle's Dark Secret
White Flowers, Lake Dr. G.R.
GR Cowboy
Horrible Belly Still
Kyle at the grill
Fourth of July
Congratulations Romel and Mindy!
McDonald's, Michigan Ave, G.R.
Happy 9th Birthday Ringo!
Quarter Carwash
Mom's Boots
An alleyway, G.R., MI
Eva's Icecream Shop, Wealthy St, Grand Rapids, MI