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August 19, 2006


In response to Kyle's blog request, dejected, I am posting a picture of my desk. The desk is actually an old kitchen table with it's wings pushed into itself. It has a cute little door designed for cutlery or candles or something of the like. I need to purchase a desk soon so that my current desk can become a kitchen table again. I've been eyeing one at Ikea.

I keep toys on my desk to play with, a thesaurus, a dictionary, a copy of Creating Web Pages for Dummies, and Dreamweaver the Missing Manual. Open the drawer and you will find some cords and adapters, change, a calculator, a capgun, pens, pencils, my lucky wisdom teeth, stupid membership cards to convenience stores, chapstick, stationary and my glasses. I also keep strange metal and plastic parts that look important, but I don't know what they go to, in there. I keep my diploma directly above my desk to remind myself that I may live in my parents basement but I am not a complete and utter loser. Convenietly located to the right of my desk is a filing cabinet, behind my chair is a mini fridge stocked with delicious cold drinks. I love my desk, when it is clean and my fridge is stocked and I don't have a term paper to write or something of the like.

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