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October 16, 2006

SPX 2006

This weekend Kyle and I went to SPX. The drive was beautiful with all the fall colors of the Appalachian Mountains. The convention was inspiring and next year we'd like to go back with completed work to share. What impressed me most was the definite sense of community at the expo. Unlike other comicons the people there seemed sincere and welcoming. We attended a panel and also a little mini how-to session hosted by Robyn Chapman of the Center for Cartoon Studies. This is a little comic I made in that session. Sorry it is so small. My layout isn't conducive to comics. I tried to link it to a bigger version in flickr but it didn't transfer to g-rad quite right. Everyone in the session was given two notecards, each had a sentence. We were then suppose to use each sentence in either the first or last panel of the template. Afterwards we read each others creations.

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