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November 7, 2006

Left or Right?

Sarah, my manager at the Halloween store does not vote. She claims it is because there is no difference in the parties and your vote does not count. This is a feeling than many liberal-minded people have. I know I am sometimes disheartened with my choice in candidates. I certainly disagree with the republicans, and sometimes the democrats appear to be softened versions of their republican opposition. And lord knows half the greens and independents running for office are straight from the loony bin or at least appear to be because they are so out of touch. Bless their hearts, but they'd get more votes if they would get a hair cut. Take for instance this kid, Jacob Woods, running for the Michigan State Board of Education. While I agree with most of his position I think it's safe to say that Michigan is not ready to trust a socialist to watch over their kids' educations, much less a socialist with a mop top who is pictured not smiling in a dark cinderblock room. Would it really kill liberals to support Walmart with a five dollar bill for a nice headshot?

Anyway, back to my original intent. Sarah, my manager says there is no difference in the two party system. I disagree and I am using my own face as an overly simplified example.

Here you have the Right. Big, ominous, always smiling. But just look at those shifty eyes. This creature would eat you, then change the cannibalism laws rather than go to jail for their crime. True Neanderthal mentality.

But look here at the Left. So cute with that feminine jaw and big innocent eyes. You can see it is well educated by it's large cranium region. And such nice hair! But see that little twisted mouth? Something just ain't right there. Could it be saying one thing but doing another? A little Save-Facer we got here.

So you have to pick one of these creatures to live in your house and preside over things? You don't trust either but you've got to pick? Who is it gonna be? Don't tell me there is not a difference. If you had to pick one, or else one would be picked for you, which one would it be? Here lies the reason why so many young liberals fail to vote. They don't care to elect the lesser of two evils. But I'm telling you personally I'd rather invite the less creepy of the parties into my living room with a few loony greens sprinkled in for effect. And that's why I went out and voted this afternoon. I hope all my fellow g-radder's and g-reader's do the same, regardless of how they vote.

Posted by audrey at November 7, 2006 4:08 PM


i think that most liberal minded people dont vote because they have a dream. a dream of living in a true Orwellian world and really knowing what it means to be oppressed.

Posted by: sam at November 7, 2006 6:21 PM

hahahahhaha. good post audrey. But i was kinda hoping for some photos of you and kyle voting in some newer, crazier superhero costumes.

Posted by: Neil at November 7, 2006 7:13 PM

No such luck, Kyle had to vote absentee.

Posted by: audrey at November 7, 2006 8:55 PM

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