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December 21, 2006

Illustration Friday topic "Help"

I've decided to start participating in Illustration Friday as a way to improve my drawing skills as well as my software skills. Coming up with an idea is also a challenge and I think it will be a nice weekly exercise in creativity.

This week's topic, (soon to be last weeks), is help. I drew this guy on paper and then inked and colored him in Photoshop. It's the first time I ever really used a stylus and a tablet (a special thanks to Kyle for letting me borrow it)! I've got a serious case of the shakes but I figure I'll get better if I just keep on practicing.

Posted by audrey at December 21, 2006 11:23 PM


Yay!!! Welcome to Illo Friday! This is a really good idea to improve ur skills and to exercise ur mind regularly... also, u r about to meet GREAT people, which I thing is one of the best things of participating.

I love ur illo and ur blog's design.


Posted by: Pati @-;-- at December 21, 2006 11:54 PM

lovely style you've got there. and Pati above is absolutely right. i'm new here myself, but people have been really encouraging and nice. welcome.

Posted by: Joji at December 22, 2006 5:51 AM

Hooray for tablets!

Posted by: Nicole at December 22, 2006 5:47 PM

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