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December 4, 2006

some good places to hide a waffle

Here is my dog, on Saturday afternoon, still holding on to the waffle she scored at breakfast. She has a hate-love relationship with waffles and pancakes. She really really wants one, but once she gets one she doesn't know what to do with herself. She paces around the house whining for hours on end with it in her mouth until she can find a decent hiding spot. In the mean time she does her best to disguise the fact that she has the food by fitting both the waffle and a stuffed animal in her mouth at the same time. Occasionally she'll drop the waffle in the living room for a while and guard it. My twenty and a half-year-old nearly blind and deaf kitty inevitably walks past the waffle and this leads to an argument. My cat ends up hiding in the laundry room with a big fluffy tail and black saucer eyes.
Sometimes my dog manages to hide her food, usually under a pillow, or in a basket of laundry or a flower pot. Kyle and I once watched her retrieve a 2 week old shriveled pancake from a box in the basement. I once found two crusty old dinner rolls and a troll head in a basket of socks, to this day I have not found the body with the little plastic gem. None the less, I do not worry, she is extremely accident prone and has the vet bills and the scars to prove it but she has managed to live past the ripe old age of ten and she's doing just fine.

Posted by audrey at December 4, 2006 8:23 PM


your dog is pretty awesome, nonetheless.

Posted by: kevin at December 5, 2006 5:49 AM

That's hilarious.

Posted by: Cory Weaver at December 5, 2006 12:00 PM

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